Monday, July 4, 2016

Happy July 4th. A Day Of Mourning For What Once Was...

Fuck it.  I'm going to work today.

Nothing to celebrate any more, but I do have a new toy my sons got me for Fathers Day.  Hope I don't lose it in a farming accident.

Them boys I raised are good lads.



In other news, I damned near jack-knifed last night pulling an empty trailer on a wet, uphill, sweeping right-hander interstate entrance ramp.

A serious OH FUCK moment, and as close as I've ever come (even on ice) to losing control in a below average unprofessional manner. 

I wasn't going all that fast...maybe 35 mph...but I think I goosed the throttle a little too hard on the curve and she started coming around on me, so I got off the gas, shit my pants, and collected her up.

I paid attention to things after that 'cuz that's what professional dribers do. 


Spent a glorious 10 days in beautiful Florida recently.

Made me realize what a dump my home town has become.


Stupidity, violence, destruction, and death do not constitute "culture."

I've been trying to tell my only daughter this for years about certain segments of our society.

She was life-guarding a private birthday party last Sunday evening at a local city-owned swimming pool and was treated to a drive-by shooting.  

Seems an African-American gentleman was none too pleased with either being barred from said party, or had a beef with one of the attendees, so he hosed the general area down with gunfire and then crashed into 4 parked cars making his getaway.

No mention of the incident in local news. No body count. No injuries.  Nothing to see here.  Happens all the time.

I suggested my daughter terminate her relationship with the parks department in its entirety immediately, but apparently I am a racist hate-monger, so we agreed she would no longer lifeguard private after hours events.



The essence of being a liberal progressive is to ignore what we know is true and pretend what we wish to be is fact.

They are suicidal.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Posse Comitatus? We Don't Need No Posse Comitatus!

National Guard midnight exercise in Beech Tucky with low-flying choppers and explosions at the defunct St. Francis Hospital complex. 

Grovians were mostly un-notified and many are fuming...and many others love them some war and big government. 

Unconfirmed reports of a few armed Grovians taking to the streets with the sounds of the initial assault! 

Unconfirmed reports of the "exercise" lasting several days.

They need to do this shit at Camp Atterbury, a local Army/National Guard base.

This is our government's way of normalizing the police state. 

Make it seem an every day deal to have troops in the streets and choppers buzzing our homes at all hours. Maybe even quarter troops in our "keep us safe" and make sure we don't get any crazy ideas about personal liberty. 

Such bullshit...

I knew nothing about it until a Blackhawk (I'm assuming it was a Blackhawk) roared over my house at 100 feet just after midnight.   I wasn't alarmed by the noise, but I thought it highly unusual and went back to my intardnets pRon.

Yes. The "evil-doers" iz gonna be cuttin' heads at the abandoned hospital in Beech Tucky! Run for your lives! 

I am more wary of an over-reaching, unaccountable government than I am of being harmed in a terrorist attack.

The big picture for me in this entire thing is that one would be a fool to trust this government and its agents and what they tell we peons.

Yeah...I get possse comitatus applies to Federal troops, but NG bubbuhs can be federalized in a heartbeat.


Let's face it. The Mayor of this town and the BG police really stepped on their collective dick with this one. 

A horrible decision poorly communicated to the residents to have (Federal) active duty Army Airborne (...not Indiana National Guard under the command of the Indiana governor) conduct an exercise in a heavily populated area. 

These troopers were from Fort Bragg, according to Mayor Buckley's letter. Fort Bragg or Camp Lejeune surely could have accommodated them for this, especially when one considers the obscene amount of money spent since 9-11 for our "safety" to create all kinds of new toys and equipment. 

It stinks to high heaven, I don't appreciate it one bit, and I ain't no stinkin' commie libtard.

Sunday, February 21, 2016

The Sad Saga Of Rocky Raccoon


So, some dumbass (me) left the garage door open a few nights ago.

The next morning I find shit and piss all over the place and a raccoon and a cat holed up in my garage.

I persuade the cat to leave, but Rocky will have none of it.  He has gorged himself on dry cat chow and is fat and happy and has taken up refuge in my gutted, derelict 1968 Chevelle project car from hell.

Rocky's a big motherfucker, and he doesn't want to leave.


I really don't want to hurt the dumb-ass critter because I am a man of peace like Gandhi or Mandela and all of God's creatures are sacred.

So I call up a work buddy to see if he has a live trap I can borrow.  He does, and I go over and get it.  The trap looks a little too small, but Rocky hasn't eaten in a couple of days and I figure he's gonna be getting desperate and he just might try to force his fat ass into the trap for some free goodies.

I bait the trap with canned cat food and put it in the trunk of the Chevelle.  Rocky's in the passenger compartment, but since there is no interior he can move freely from there to the closed trunk space.

Well, this morning I get up to check the trap, and this is what I see when I go outside.

Somehow, Rocky escaped the car and tried to wedge himself under the garage door and got stuck so tightly that he probably asphyxiated himself.  He was cold and stiff and very much graveyard dead.


I tried to do the right thing and be humane, and the ignant motherfucker offed himself.

Stoopid.  You shoulda taken the deal.  Now look atcha.  All dead an' shit...

I am sorry, Rocky.