Saturday, November 19, 2011



A simple, undefined reply when an ignorant comment or action is made. Brought to life in the South Park series, when Mr. Derp made a guest apperance at South Park Elementary as the chef for a day, followed by hitting himself in the head with a hammer and exclaiming "Derp!"

After almost five long ghastly years, this site is under re-construction

Please excuse the mess.

While trying to freshen up the look of things around here, I fucked up royal.


I am a big dumbass.

All the crap will remain while I work to fix things, but it will look like shit and probably be hard to read.

Fret not.  I'll have it all back more better and brighter than ever.

It will be swell.



  1. Y'all let me know if this shit is difficult for you to read, or if something looks fucked up. I pride myself in my eye-popping graphics. In fact, I spend too much time on my goofy pictures and I prolly should spend more time writing. I think I'm getting things to where it's looking pretty good on my 'puter anyways...

    Lemme know what you think. All I can do is tell you to go eff yerself! ;)

  2. I feel like tagging the bricks with a hot pink rattle can...

  3. It looks like a redneck truck driver laid this shit out

    It blows goats

    ...and so do you

  4. The quantity and quality of your gayness can never be underestimated.


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