Monday, December 12, 2011

I'm Sorta Famous...For My Potty Mouth!

I told you people I was an intardnets legend.

Maybe next time you will believe me when I tell you something.

Or maybe not...

I could probably get all kinds of free shit and hawt, scantily-clad gun show chicks from Lone Wolf now, but that's not how I roll.

Besides, my Glock is pretty much good to go at this point, and I don't think I need any more go-faster parts for it to tart it up.

It's not my style.

I am grey-man.

I keep a low profile.

Or something.


  1. You's famous! Congratulations and you ought to at least take a "gift.":)

  2. Hope your gettin' some compensation for your rather beautiful and eloquently stated approval of their product: )

    Hell, I'd buy the drop in after that endorsement.


  3. I know. I should be on Madison Avenue, but then I'd have to brush my teeth and take a bath more often. That would be a grave injustice.

  4. More famouser than Mickey mouse ...


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