Tuesday, October 23, 2012

More Tales From The Road: Update With Video! Holy Fuck!

As most of you readily know, I drive a semi-truck for a living.

I have made that fact abundantly and ponderously clear on many occasions.

My really observant readers…both of you...have probably noted that I am more than little bit grouchy lately.

I have no real good reason for my surlier-than-usual attitude.

I mean…it looks like O’Vomit is gonna get his head kicked in November 6th, positive developments are bubbling to the surface on the personal employment scene (more on this later), I and my family are healthy, the sun is shining, the birds are buzzing, and the bees are chirping.

And who could forget that I recently had an “illuminating” experience with local law enforcement?

What the hell do I have to bitch about?

Maybe it’s because my eyes are open.

Every day I see metric ass-tons of military hardware heading east on Interstate 70.


We’re done in Iraq. 

Afghanistan is “winding down,” yet I see flat-bed after flat-bed of military trucks, wheeled APCs, and armored Hummers equipped with strange looking satellite dish thingies on top where the gun mount would normally be.

Oddly enough, the gear I've seen looks exactly like this.


Could these dish doo-dads be those screeching sound emitters used to control crowds?  Or, as the above graphic details, an "energy beam" which cooks the skin?  I sure as fuck don’t know.  

Maybe I should consult Alex Jones.

Where is all this military hardware going?

The east coast…where huge numbers of the recipient class reside…folks who will be displeased when the government tit gets shut off?  Folks who may riot when O’Vomit loses the election?

I’ll be rolled in crackers if I know, but surely all this gear isn’t still being sent overseas…is it?

Another interesting observation from the road is some goings-on at the scale house on I-70 in Richmond, Indiana.

I roll through this “chicken coop” every day, and I keep a close eye out for FEMA/DHS thuggery.

This week things seemed to be ratcheting up there.

New cameras and sensors popping up all over the place, and Friday morning I saw a festive circus tent set up with displays and throngs of interested government agents milling about.

Hell…they even had a big rig parked there as part of the demonstration, and the truck was donated by a treasonous trucking company!  (I don’t recall the name of the truck line.  I’m getting old and feeble, and I can collect only so much intel as I carefully roll over the scales.  Sorry.)

Later that day, I heard this news report on a local radio station:


“State officials today unveiled what they call cutting-edge technology designed to revolutionize truck inspections across Indiana.

Department of Revenue Spokesman Bob Dittmer says the technology is still in the pilot phase. They're trying it out at the Richmond Inspection Facility on Interstate 70. Dittmer says the goal is to make highways safer in Indiana, Ohio and Illinois. He says the state unveiled two technologies in cooperation with Help Inc.

He says the first technology allows inspection stations to electronically get information directly from trucks about a mile before they hit inspection stations. Dittmer says the other technology is called "360 Smart View." It's used inside the inspection station. The technology takes photos of license plates and the vehicle certification information pops up on a computer screen in the station. Dittmer says the technology means truck inspection stops will last seconds compared to minutes.

Dittmer anticipates the technology could be installed at inspection stations across the state. He says they also believe the technology could save the state money over time.”

Yeah.  Sure.  It’s all about safety and saving time, fuel, and money.

…and that shit only takes pictures, and those pictures are only shots of the license plate, company name, and DOT numbers of commercial vehicles.


Lookie here, government ass-bags.  I neither want nor need you to baby-sit me or spy on me.  

Fuck you very much.

I believe that gear is gathering info on EVERBODY.  Not just commercial vehicles.

By the way…a great big hearty FUCK YOU to Help Inc as well. 


They are the slimy assholes that provided the technology to the Richmond scale house.

For fucking FREE!

It didn’t cost the state of Indiana a fucking dime.

This time.

Isn’t that special?

Yeah…it’s all about safety, dontcha know.

Nice work, shit-heads…

Sell your fucking soul to the state of Indiana.

Maybe the state will be so impressed with your spy technology that you will get a huge government contract and your shit will be hanging from every lamppost in Indiana.


So yesterday I drove through the Richmond area and dully noted the new spy gear lovingly installed by Help Inc.  (I’ll try to take pics and video next time.)

As I rolled underneath the cameras and sensors on my way to the weigh station, I gave them a spirited double-fingered horizontal salute that would have looked a little something like this.

Don’t worry.

I still had my hands at 10 and 2.

It’s all about safety, dontcha know.



  1. Yes, safety, for the good of all, is in every tyrannical edict.

  2. Love your attitude, but watch your back, if you do that across all three states their gonna know who you are everywhere. Hope you don't get hassled by LEO, for your own safety of coarse. Happy motoring...........;)

  3. Had a guy flip off the cameras at the Sarita border patrol checkpoint on US 77 down here in Texas. When he got back to the office he received a royal ass chewing. The border patrol monkeys apparently don't like to be flipped off, and called in to whine about it to his boss. Assholes...

  4. No worries here, gents.

    Spirited double-fingered horizontal salutes are protected free speech!

    1. Well at least for now - just wait until they are deemed as 'offensive, provoking gestures' and you are subject to fine or imprisonment (or both)

    2. Then there's gonna be fur flying because I'm an angry and disgruntled truck driver.

  5. It's good to hear that the birds are buzzing and the bees are chirping!

    Hope you're doing well!

    "A camera on every corner" is, I believe, the goal of the Communists in charge. Romney will pick up where obama leaves off. The next guy will pick up where Romney leaves off, and so on, ad infinitum...


    And the VAST majority don't care. They are too stoopid to even recognize that they are being watched nearly every second of the day. And they would probably be shocked to learn that the taxes stolen from them are being used to pay for the technology that will one day force them to submit. And most of them will say "What's the big deal? If you aren't doing anything wrong you have nothing to worry about". Well asshats, it may not be "wrong" today, but it will be tomorrow. LOL. You can take that to the bank.

    Behave yourself.

  6. I got into the pay-telephone business back in 1990 (till the O'Bama free phones killed it) and years ago ran into a competitor who was a dip-wad. Somehow his phones started getting doused with the contents of the "hunter's scent of Red Fox Urine" into the mouthpiece. Since the nose is only one inch away from the brain, that competitor's phones quit being used. Flash Forward to the news of the FED.GOV types at the truck weigh stations and how they are sitting there just waiting to smell whatever gets dropped off as a driver comes by. How about bagging the remains of a road-kill SKUNK so that as one pulls into the scales, a string gets pulled and the bagged skunk gets dropped off for the workers at the scale to smell it for the next week or so. A bit of Yankee ingenuity and the scales can have a whole lot of dead road-kill dropped off for them to "ENJOY". This same trick got used at some apartments that the local poverty housing agency bought and a bunch of frozen chicken leg quarters got dropped down the heating ducts right before the poverty stricken "former" drug dealers moved in. For the next 6 months one could see THOUSANDS of FLIES on the insides of the windows at the apartments, none of which were occupied for more than a day or two before the druggie moved out.
    Just an idea or two to kick around.

  7. Good Morning Mr. Zoomie,

    Glad you got a chuckle over at my page :)

    I have to ask you, do you have the availablity to take pictures of the military hardware that is heading East? They must have to stop for fuel and weigh stations?

    It is a bit disconcerting that nothing is mentioned any where other than the blogs.

    I'm sure there may be many more people out there that see this stuff and don't give it an extra thought.


    1. Yes. I have the technology. In fact, I'm in the process of downloading a video I shot today of the inspection station as I went by.

      I'll include it here ASAP.

      At first, I thought the military gear I was seeing was being shipped to Wright Patterson AFB for eventual airlift.

      But in the last week or so, the equipment I saw was still heading east...many miles east beyond WPAFB.

      Much of it looked to be kinda ragged out and not new.

      I suppose it could be heading to a port to be loaded on ships, or to a refitting/refurbishing site.

      I don't know.

      I'll try to get shots of the stuff, although it may be difficult to do that and keep my shit outta the ditch!

  8. i run the ohio turnpike and all the military equipment i see is going west.

    1. Great. They got us surrounded...which simplifies things!

  9. Nice job on the video, great that someone's getting the word out there, thanks Zoomie..........;)

    1. Thanks, broheem. It was an experiment. I think I need to zoom the camera in some more though...

  10. I've seen those same camera doodads on I69 near the weigh stations, too. Wondered what exactly they were photographing. Also on the same interstate, we've seen a lot of the same military junk you've seen... headed north. Maybe to jump on the 80/90 and head west? Dunno. *shrugs* Guess we'll see. Or not.


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