Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Risky Business


  1. I am not sure if I agree with the disagreement.
    Freedom, or liberty, must be limited by the liberty of those around us. Does driving drunk (putting others at a much higher risk of being injured or killed) infringe on the potential liberty of those around us? I have a less of a problem with someone getting off on "strippers and blow" than driving drunk. Ya know, so long as the strippers want to be there.
    You didn't want to start a debate though, did you? I'm just being me again.

    1. It was an implied given that with freedom one faces the consequences of one's own actions. If I kill a busload of nuns with puppies and kittens on their laps after doing a John Belushi to a fifth of Jack, I should fry.

      But, "sobriety checkpoints" and "pre-crime investigations" are bullshit unconstituttional nazi tactics.

      Leaving the house is risky business, as is freedom.

      We're still pals. ;)

    2. BTW...thoughtful debates are fine here and always welcome.

  2. The crime exists only when you harm another person or damage another's property.


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