Sunday, January 1, 2012

Flashback Twenty-One Years...

Here I am after single-handedly capturing an abandoned Iraqi armored vehicle.  No magazine was inserted in that AK47 because I was a reservist, and reservists can't be trusted with mags inserted.  Any dumb-ass knows that.

Twenty-one years ago today, I set foot on foreign soil...Saudi Arabia.

What a fucking shit-hole that place is...

My mission...and I had no choice about accepting it or not...was to "maintain the free flow of oil at market prices."

(And to maintain the free flow of communications so the captain could call his old lady back in the States whenever he wanted some fun sexy phone time...)

How fucking cool is that?

I got to go to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia...a fucking support, protect, and defend my country and its Constitution from its various sundry evil enemies...because the Saudis and Kuwaitis either wouldn't, or couldn't, or didn't feel like it 'cuz they were too busy blasting through the desert in their fucking air-conditioned Bentleys to be bothered.

Such an be sent to a place in order to make sure the oil companies and the bankers and the arms manufacturers get theirs.

SALUTE!  Motherfuckers.


We have learned so much in the last twenty years.

I can't wait until MY kids get to do the same shit.

Yeah.  Right.

Over my dead fucking body.

Some of you might be saying, "But...but...but...Zoomie!  You were so gung-ho about it all back in 1991!" 

I was a young and ignorant dumb-ass back then.

I am old and wise and curmudgeonly now.

Fuckin' A Skippy Trieger...

One or two of you motherfuckers will get that last line. 

Happy 2012! 


  1. :) & Happy New Year.

    Reminds me of war is a racket.

  2. I know. Smedley is my hero these days.

    Happy New Year to you and yours, Brock.

    It has been a pleasure to get to know you the last few months.

  3. We were all dumb and full of cum then. Remember drinking myself into oblivion in the P.I. because they use formaldehyde as a preservative in their beer. Figured we would be the embalmers since we were headed to a war zone.

    Much has changed since then, My thoughts especially. I see the machine for what it is now and I can't change my point of view on it. Smedley Butler had it right in the "racket" line. (and he was a jarhead too. Go figure. )
    Semper Fi but not to the STATE.

  4. diogenesoftherifle

    My buddy and I had 36 bottles one day. Fun, fun, fun.:)

  5. Jeeez. 36 bottles? The thought makes my head hurt.

  6. They weren't 12 ounce, but smaller, can't remember the size, though.

  7. Ah yes...The PI. Spent some time at Clark in 89.

    It's amazing how much we have learned and changed since our youthful exuberance serving Uncle Sam.

    Like most of you, when I got the call to head to Turkey for Desert Storm I was rearing to go. Hopping back & forth into the north country and such...So much fun. I thought it was an honor to be doing that.

    Now...I would not let my children be whored out as mercs to some shithead politician so they can make some more $$$

    With age comes wisdom. That is our awakening. Just like our forefathers, we have seen the light, and no longer enjoy the darkness.

    Like Dio, not to the state, but to my brothers. Semper Fi

  8. Rich T:

    Amen, my brother. Well stated.

  9. We were on alert the day Saddam went into Kuwait. We didn't end up going, but we were freezing our asses off guarding a contingency hospital and a bunch of housing areas in Germany come January. Felt bad for the Kuwaitis and Saudis at the time but figured out later that whole region is a pile of shit and they weren't any better than the Iraqis. I got the joy of deploying after 9/11.

    BTW Efes = embalming fluid, right?

  10. Happy New Year!
    Just wanted to drop by and thank all you guys for your service.
    Came here from Western Rifle Shooters Association.
    I spent a bunch of time in the Middle East as a contractor doing electronics "stuff".
    You're all right....the place is one huge, stinking shit hole.

  11. Saudi, Iraq then Kuwait was my whirlwind tour 2 Nov - 31 May. Comm support for a few armored units. Right along behind them, as we rolled across the ditch. Watching shit still blowing up as you drove by it made it 'real', real quick.

    Not sure who Skippy was, but I'm sure every unit had one. Ours didn't make it back home, tho.

  12. miller: I remember being in a soft-sided Hummer, slowly driving by a burning Iraqi 5-ton truck...ammo in the back of it cooking off and flying all over...and saying to "my" driver, "How's about we create some distance from that mess. Drive faster!"

    crusty: I see you feature a CZ as your avatar. I recently purchased a CZ75, although I haven't had the chance to stretch its legs. It is a beautiful piece...a real work of art.

  13. I got a hold of a "real" CZ-75 over there, made in Czechoslovakia... damn thing got stolen. Wanna talk about pissed....


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