Sunday, May 13, 2012

Indiana Terror-Fest And Patriot Convention Swap Shop?

I have some M1 carbine crap, detailed here, which I'd be willing to trade for some shit I need.

The ammo, although old (1970s vintage would be my uneducated guess), is in decent shape.

The mags, which I cleaned up and inspected, are in good condition...not beat up, and seem to have good springs, floor plates, and followers in them.

What I'm looking for is a real GI cartridge belt and suspenders, one plastic canteen, and maybe a medium ALICE pack.

Yeah...I know...all that shit is readily available all over the fucking place, but I'm too gawd-damned lazy to trudge off to a surplus store and look for it, and I damn sure am too much of a cheap bastard to shell out cash for it when I have some shit I can barter with.

And yeah...I know I should have stolen all that shit from Uncle Sugar when I mustered out...but fuck that too.  I am too much of an Honest Injunn for that.

And I am also aware that there is some new cool high-speed modern gear available, but fuck that...I want what I used back in prehistoric times.

So...I figure I can do some horse-trading with somebody who could use the M1 carbine stuff I own for which I have no real use.

I'm not looking to screw anyone over.  Most folks who know me or have dealt with me on the intardnets will tell you I'm kind of an alright guy.


Anyhoo...I'll bring my carbine shit to the meetup, so if you have any real GI deuce gear to trade, bring that stuff and we'll work something out.


  1. I want what I used back in prehistoric times.


    The robot thing is turned on.

  2. Horse trading was definitely prevalent at the Texas Patcoms : ) "Prehistoric"= reliable. Ain't nothin' wrong with that!


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