Wednesday, July 11, 2012

My Nephew

Just got word my nephew, who is an Army medic in AssCrackistan and got hit by IEDs twice and shot at (and survived intact) on the same day just prior to Independence Day, lost six of his unit killed in another IED attack a couple of days ago.
I spoke to his parents at my July 4th party.  

I was semi-sober and angry.

What else is new...right?

Anyhoo...this is what I told my nephew's folks:

Any (honorable) way you can, convince him to get his narrow ass home ASAP.  

He and his buddies are getting fucked up and killed for nothing but bankers, Wall Street, and the free flow of opiates and oil and arms.  

He's not protecting me or defending the United States.  

It's all bullshit, just as my service in GW1 was.  

My eyes are open now, and I have learned a lot these last ten years or so.  

He should be home, married to some sweet young thing, making babies, and working a good job.

Get him out of that fucking Army!

The young lad's folks seemed to pretty much agree with me.

They said they think the luster of the Army has worn off for the young man.

It was ironic that the last time I spoke to him was at Easter (...or was it Thanksgiving?), and he was all fired up and gung-ho about going over-seas.

I was horrified.

(I mentioned this to my wife, and she said, "You were the same way for Desert Storm."  I said, "I know, but I was a young dip-shit at the time!")

I told him to be careful about what he wished for, take care of himself and his troops, don't volunteer for shit anymore, and get himself home ASAP.


I am the angry, cynical, hypocritical uncle.

He's a bright kid and extremely motivated, and has very much impressed me these last few years after graduating high school and since enlisting.

He has a promising future ahead of him.

I just hope to God he survives this fucked up bullshit to enjoy it.

Please...if any of y'all are the prayin' type, please send a few my nephew's way.


Godspeed, nephew.

You are in my thoughts daily.


  1. That sucks. Prayers for your nephew and his lost comrades.

  2. Maybe one of his wounds will be his ticket home. Reminds me of this.

    I Am Now An Ex-Marine

  3. Damn Bro,he got lucky! Yeah I will Pray his luck holds out and this fine American comes home safe and sound!


  4. Prayers sent, good luck to him and his family ......

  5. I put in a good word with the Big Guy. Yeah, he needs to get the hell out of there...

  6. Prayers sent up for your nephew and his teammates, and for you and your family.


  7. Docs are a different breed. They are in it for their fellow soldiers more so than political justification. It takes a special person to be a good medic. Explain to him he has done his duty and it is someone else's turn. I am praying for his safe return.

    1. So true. I would have walked through hell for every Corpsman I ever served with, as I know they would do the same for me.

  8. One of my nephews is in the same boat as yours. He is state-side at the moment but headed back soon. I agree completely with you Zoomie. Prayers for the Great Creator's protection to your nephew.


  9. I am very sorry to hear of his injuries but I am still in belief of taking the fight to them. Although I prefer the use of nukes !!

  10. We pray every evening before dinner that all of our American Soldiers, Sailors, Marines, and Airmen are returned home quickly and safely, and that our "leaders" withdraw us from our present frivolous foreign entanglements, and eschew future ones which are not existential to US Soverignty and Security. We are honored to add your nephew to the list of those we specifically request aid and protection for in our prayers.

    Warmest regards always,

  11. Will keep him and you and yours in my prayers ZMan.

    My youngest brother was in GW1 too. Marines. I must have sent him at least a hundred care packages. Totally pissed me off that he was risking his life and our weasely government couldn't even make sure him and the guys he fought with had basic needs met.

    So, age wise you can't be my step son, but I'll adopt you as a brother.;)

    Miss Violet

  12. Hypocritical?


    There is no hypocrisy in "don't be the fool I was"

    Hypocrisy is do as i say, not as i do.

    That said...
    There is a carefullly crafted mythos surrounding the US military, which seems to have begun post war of northern aggression/pre WW1. About the same time the science of propoganda was developed.

    The myth extolls the supposed virtues of "service" of "sacrifice" for the good of the murkan way. I wanna vomit every time i hear of honoring those who serve us - it is all bullshit. WE are not served, WE are sacrificed for the benefit of the elites. Since RevWar1 EVERY single conflict - every one - involving the US has been a war of choice - in which the people of this nation have been both deluded and the losers, regardless of who "won". Those in the armed forces are simply disposable pawns for the puppet masters.

    This is exactly why a standing army was feared among the founders. Without a standing army, wars of foreign mis-adventure would not be possible.

    Gen. Smedley Butler recognized this fact about 100 years ago. Anyone interested in further reading:

    No doubt this will be difficult for many to accept. The truth often is.


    1. We Marines were/are told only half of General Butler's story.

      I first became acquainted with Butler's pamphlet after 9/11 while arguing online with some hippies about GW Bush and GW2.

      At that time, I couldn't believe what I read was real...a Marine Corps legend wrote this shit? I initially passed it off as a fake, or maybe Butler was a closet commie who had an axe to grind with a government he no longer supported.

      Educated myself about it...and many other things...I came to agree that Old Gimlet Eye was right all along, and that, as usual, only part of the story is ever taught in America.

      Smedley's "War Is A Racket" is as true today as it was when he wrote it.

  13. here is a link that may help the situation. The guy needs to get out and come home where he can be effective to his oath as it was intended.
    yeah, a tad shady, but no more (and perhaps a bit less) shady than our own government is now. Fuck em.

    Hope that gets the road started for him at least.

  14. Talkin' to The Big Guy, Zoomie. I have a lot of explainin' to do on my own behalf but I'm sure he'll listen to me on your nephew's behalf. :)

  15. Thanks Paul for honoring Shawn here on your blog. We sure want him home from that God forsaken place asap! Thank you to all praying for the heroes serving, from the mom of this hero. ~Lisa

  16. You're welcome Lisa...and thanks. It means a lot to me to know you aren't offended by some of my comments here.

    I didn't know if you had seen this or not, or whether your son had seen it...or whether you or he would be pissed off about it.

    But...this blog is a way for me to vent and clear my head...consequences be damned.

    I know if I were your son in his situation now, I might be a little shitty about what was written here, because I wouldn't have taken this well if my uncle had written this shit about me and my situation back in 1990-1991. I said...with the passing of time I realize that the military/government doesn't tell you the whole story, and they feed you a bunch of bullshit to kinda brainwash you.

    Your son is very intelligent though, and from what you've said and what he has written on FaceBook, I think he's getting a real clear idea of the big picture.

    I hope so anyway.

    Take care, and thanks for the kind comments.

    Hoping for you son's safe and timely return...


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