Monday, September 17, 2012

Mosin Nagant 91/30 Front Barrel Band: Who's Got One In Their Pocket? Now With Video Update! Wow!

How one little hunk of Soviet steel can whip the capitalist dog's ass


I fucked up.

I bought a Mosin/Nagant (1943 Izzy) a while back thinking it would be cool to put an ATI synthetic stock on it.

Now...some ATI synthetic stock users say it's a simple drop-in for Mosins, some say not so much.

And to be fair, ATI clearly states in their advertising that some fitting may be required.

In my case, some fitting was required...and some fucking skills on my part were definitely required...and unfortunately, not present.

I'm neither a woodworker nor a detail man.  Nor am I  patient.  If I can't fix shit with a wrench or a 12 lb. sledgehammer, I'm lost.

Anyhoo...when I took the wood furniture off my Mosin, I had to take off both barrel rings.

The rear-most ring is larger than the front, and it easily slides over the front sight and off the rifle.  

The front ring is too small to fit over the front sight without using some kinda spreader tool.

(Or, one can remove the front sight.  Yeah...right!  I knew for a fact I would fuck THAT up royal and end up needing the services of a gunsmith to fix all the damage, costing me more than the rifle was worth.  No dice.) 

Well...I figured I wasn't gonna need that front barrel ring again seeing as my Mosin was gonna drop into my new ATI stock like buttered shit through a goose no problemo.  


So what does fuck-head Zoomie do?  

He takes his trusty set of bolt cutters and zaps that Commie piece of spring steel in about half-a-second.  


That shit flies off the rifle and across the garage...destroyed and useless forever.  

Mr. Persuasion. my little friend.  Come to Papa!

Guess what?  

My Mosin was not a drop-in.  In fact, I fitted that motherfucker a motherfucker!  I fitted that shit so much that I fitted too much.  

I had a pile of plastic shavings 2 inches deep on my workbench.  I butchered that piece of synthetic to the point that I was embarrassed at myself. 

Through a series of hidden washers and other dirty tricks, I managed to get the Mosin into the stock so it looks presentable to the untrained eye and seems to function check properly.  

The Mosin moves up and down a little bit inside the stock, though.  

I am not happy, and my happiness is of paramount importance.

I am so unhappy I have never even fired the thing.

A stock ruined, and $80 pissed away.


Looks good, don't it?

Now...I can live with a lot of "engineered" stuff in my life.  God knows I do, because I am a cheap bastard.  

But not a jury-rigged firearm.  

I can't deal with that.

This is the kinda shit that keeps me up at night.

Yes.  I have issues.

So...I have decided I'm gonna cut my losses, assemble a usable/reliable weapon, and convert my Mosin back to its original, shoulder-fracturing configuration.  I will strip and refinish the wood and make it beautiful like I did my sons' Mosins.

Guess who needs a front barrel band now?


I have located a couple of intardnets sources...six bucks and I'm golden.

Time to break out the Visa card.



To conclude...let this be a lesson to you all.  

Learn from my mistakes.

Know your limitations.

Don't be a dumb-ass. 

You're welcome.

This will be me soon.  Fuck yeah!

Yes. I know I sound like a Hoosier hill-rod.

Sue me.

It is finished!

Thanks to for the prompt service.

"Special Dark"....far left, and some of her relatives.


  1. Quit whining and buy the damn band ...

    Sorry you're out $80, but you really shouldn't be so upset about ruining that butt-ugly sporter. My 2¢, FTW

    1. You say mean things to me.
      You have hurt my inner child.
      Prepare to be smited.

  2. You might save the plastic stock. Wrap the reciever in plastic wrap, put it in the stock, and then fill any gaps with epoxy. After the epoxy dries the plastic wrap lets you remove the reciever like normal. But don't blame me if you fuck that up too.

    1. Thank you, my good man, for your thoughtful response.
      Believe it or not, I have considered such a concept.
      But realizing my ability to fuck up a county fair, I nixed the idea as a frivolous expenditure of time, effort, and money.

      I think I'll save the synthetic stock for the bludgeoning of commies.

      I bid you good day.

  3. Hmmm,lets see, I have knife, some money, lipstick, driver's license, debit card, another knife, uh, no front barrel band, sorry.

    Miss Violet

    1. Well I got a front barrel band, but I kinda need it....
      I dis-ass-embled my M/N bolt.... ya' think (WZ) had some "difficulties"...Ha! Took me an hour to reassemble the damn thing!!
      As a side note the website (net)? Is a good resource site for the M/N.

  4. Replies
    1. Ya,ya, ya, you know, 1 is none, 2 is 1, blah, blah, blah ;)

      Miss V

  5. So what's your point? That red-neck truck drivers are not gunsmiths? Yeah, we already knew that. Thanks for wasting our time with your drivel.

    1. ...says the guy with a safe full of guns he never fires because his mommy won't let him.

      Stop queering up the innerwebs with your imbecility.

      Still friends? ;)

  6. You had a learning experience. It cost you about eight bucks and a little time. Not worth beating yourself up over. I wish the most boneheaded thing I ever did was no worse than that.

    1. It was $80, not $8. Big difference to this cheap ass...
      But yeah....I'm moving on.

  7. Measure with Micrometer
    Mark with chalk
    Cut with axe
    Hammer to fit

    This is the engineers mantra.

    ATI is usually a decent brand, at least for my Mossberg 500 it was. Still on the fence regarding the 10/22 stock and after reading this, I wonder what fuck job lays in my path for that.

    Just out of curiosity, could you not have glass bed the stock like that of a wooden stock?


    1. I've read many very mixed reviews of the ATI Mosin stock.
      I think it's because the Commies weren't so worried about uniformity of dimensions and the hex and round receivers vary enough that ATI made one stock that would (kinda) work for all 91/30s.

      It is really luck of the draw whether a Mosin will "drop-in" an ATI stock or not, apparently.

      You will probably be ok fitting the American stuff to ATIs products. Better and more uniform manufacturing processes on the receivers/barrels...

    2. Glass bedding? Me? Hahahahahahahaha! I told you I could fuck up just about anything requiring a little finesse! Do you not pay attention?

      Go to your room.

  8. Your son's wood looks similar to my M44's.

    1. That sounds soooo dirty. Pervert.

      Carbine looks good. Doesn't look refinished.

      I'm in the process of stripping the furniture on mine now. Thinking about putting on a very dark wood stain to make it look different than my sons'. It will be almost black, because I am not a racist, with a satin clear coat.

      How does that recoil pad suit you? I'm seriously thinking about getting the exact thing for mine because I am old and boney and weak and kinda girlish.

  9. You crack my ass up! Good God you sound just like me.

    Pound it to fit and paint it to match is my mantra.
    I would have put a fucking hose clamp on it and called it good.

    Then again, you could have probably put a hose clamp on it, cranked the bitch down and THEN put the ring on.

    This is why they make beer.

    1. "This is why they make beer"...

  10. Hose Clamp? Hahahahahaha! What a dopey idea.

    (Believe it or not...I ACTUALLY thought about it for 2 seconds yesterday, but decided that's too much "engineering" for any gun I own.)

  11. Good God,some one let Zoomie play with sharp instruments? Hey cuz I have a front band you can Have! Cause I love ya,Ok really cause I know you're cheap fuck! Just gotta get down to Kentucky to get it to you!


    1. Thanks a lot, LeRoy, but I already ordered one on the intardnets. I should get it Monday. I don't need you. I can do this shit on my own. I often do.


  12. Damn sorry dude,haven't been on in a while. PS I got lucky mine was a tight press in fit,but no mods. So guess I got lucky!


  13. Hey Zoomie don't forget, the new band will be easier to install if you cut it in half first with some bolt cutters. Otherwise you'll have a time getting it over the front sight.

    1. ↑ ↑ ↑ ↑ ↑ ROFLMAO !!!

    2. Anonymous September 9, 2012 8:53 PM...

      You shut your dirty whore mouth.

      Men are talking firearms here.


    3. BTW, genius...I have already figured out how I'm gonna install the new band.

      I will use an automotive tool in my possession that is normally used to remove and install drum brake springs.

      I'll let you know how it works out.

  14. I might be a few days late, but I'm glad I saw this, I have a friends Mosin here at the house that's still packed with grease. I figured I'd drop the stock give it a good cleaning shoot it and let him know how it shot and give it back. So now ill just clean it, not take it all the way down and call it a day.thanks for letting us know how to fuck up a good gun, order parts and see if it looks right.
    Your a saint, a fucked up one, but one just the same........
    angrymike...... III

    1. You don't need to completely remove the Mosin barrel bands in order to take it apart and clean it up. Just slide them off the wood and let them dangle on the barrel behind the front sight assembly.

      (Fuck. THAT sounds dirty!)

      The only reason I completely removed them initially was because the ATI after-market stock does not require their use.

      I am happy to have been of some help to you.

  15. I use a little technique I like to call put that bitch in a vice, get some pliers, put said pliers inside barrel band, spread said pliers, remove barrel band... the end.

  16. Zoomie, did you SHOOT... It... YET... ??!!

    1. Dammit, girl! The fiery redhead all up in my grille and shit. The damn stain is still curing on the damn rifle and she wants to know if I fired it yet.

      Lookie here, Scooter. I live in the big city and I must work for a living. I can't step outside the backdoor of my home or place of employment and let loose with a few rounds any old time I feel like it.

      You are fortunate in that regard.

      Me...I would catch unwanted additional attention from government goons if I did that.

      Good news is that next month an indoor range is opening that is located within walking distance of my humble abode. It will reportedly accommodate rifle ammo, so I am happy and I will be able to sling a Garand or Mosin-Nagant over my shoulder and walk to practice!

      Should cause quite a stir!

      I bid you good day, fair lady.

  17. Hey, if I stepped out my back door and sent lead, my neighbors would call the cops! I can only (infrequently) get away with that at work...but the plus side of that is scaring the crap out of the OompaLoompas in the tanning place next door.
    Say, when you get your walking distance concrete tunnel to shoot in, double up on earpro (plugs under muffs) so your delicate girl-like eardrums don't get trashed.
    Sling that rifle and stir on, sir. ;)
    Saturday after next, I'll be picking up another 3" Kimber from a guy meeting me half way from Greenwood. That's near your neck of the woods, ain't it? Won't get a chance to use the Deer Creek Range (near the meetup spot), or I'd tell ya to hitch a ride. :D

  18. ANOTHER 1911? Racist! Didn't dear leader say something like, "At some point, you have enough guns?"

    Be careful on your gun meet-up, and I'm guessing you're smart enough not to do it alone, and to do it armed.

    A guy recently got whacked by a dude he agreed to sell some guns to from Craig's List.

    1. It was coolio. Didn't go alone, and I'm always armed (you kno datz how I rollz, dawg!).
      Also, the Friday before I went...totally saw a limited edition Kimber cross my path. Merry birthmas to me. Stainless. Four inch barrel on a three inch frame (kind of like Colt's CCO) - won't find it in Kimber's catalog or on their web site. It has laser grips, but I'll be ripping those off in order to put some slim grips on. I hate laser crap. Guess I'll sell them.

  19. Well fine sir, I think you have now got quite a fine piece of weaponry now that you got rid of the "low grade shellac, cosmoline and Olga's toe nails." I will be waiting for you to aim east and have my kevlar umbrella ready when you sight it in.

    With hate in Pennsyltucky, ;)


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