Friday, January 25, 2013

Is This Wrong? Volume Four.

If so, I am sorry and I will delete it.


One or two of you miscreant vagabond domesticated terrorists out there have expressed some interest in wearing the above abhorrent image on your skuzzy bodies.

I bid you good day. 


  1. The only thing "wrong" is the absence of the proper USGS Control Data marker ...

    ... one must always identify the "Principle Point" on topological features with such deep furrows.

    Refer to Control Data and Principle Point in the USGS PDF:

    Always pleased to be of service :>)

    (in the NC woods)

  2. You could never put that on a tshirt, cause who would want to wear a shirt with that hide on it? Nice sentiment though. ;)
    Miss Violet

  3. Fuck no Brother,Right on the money!


  4. Actually, Zoomie, I think that's perfect T-shirt material. I'll take 2 in XXL, and 3 in med.

    Get 'em in the store when you can, sir.



  5. Actually the thought of the "f" word in conjunction with that bitch makes my parts shrivel and fall off...

  6. No, turquoise goes with black.

  7. something evil this way comes. I sit and wait till the door comes down and hope my surprise will give me an edge.

  8. Byhaps a poster but, as the other poster opined, I'd not want a photo of that stupid twunt that close to me.

  9. This is TERRIBLE! I have three (Ovcharka) bitches, and they are all nice (unless you are not, then they rip your face open). Calling such a person a bitch is an insult to bitches. Why are bitches slandered so often? It breaks my heart.

  10. Love it could also shit and die you skanky bitch

    1. That would be mean and hurtful. Choke yourself.

  11. My sentiments exactly.
    Thad Adams

  12. Wrong? You couldn't be more right.

  13. Wow, terrifying visual, reminds of a saying from an old friend of mine Fred Sanford-
    "I could shove your face in a bowl of dough and make ugly cookies all day long."
    A bit of levity here, prior to crush, kill, destroy....
    Honestly I think a tee shirt would revolt from having this frankenstein looking thing on it. Revolting.
    17 co-sponsors of the bill, make a list Patriots, make a list. Time to get proactive.

  14. Where can I buy the T shirt? Sure would make a great target!

    1. I have no idea.

  15. I would add only my wish that SHE (and any number up to all) of her co-sponsers actually make up the team that trespasses on my property to "Come and Take It". She and her ilk do not have the balls to back up their shit laws. They have to coerce others to coerce us.

  16. Can it be printed on the back of the shirt (yeah, I'm and 80's guy).

  17. No. You are old and therefore inconsequential. Stop bothering me, you fossil.

  18. This commie slob isnt just a servant of the people, traitor or domestic enemy. She is also the representative of the scum who put this communist pig in office to represent her.. they are also as complicit as she is guilty for her treason.

    Border states to California and any other states of this bills co-signers should shut down all roads and put sanctions in place to refuse all the offending states any revenue from outside the state.

    Collective Treason from Communist Traitors must be addressed and have consequences equal to their crimes against Liberty.

    Yank lll


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