Thursday, February 27, 2014

By Request...

...from a UK reader.

The original art (above) was a government-produced guilt-trip against rear-echelon pogues, old fucks, and service-dodging window-lickers who had little to no interest in marching headlong straight into massed German Spandau machinegun fire during World War One.

The cowards...

Some of you might be saying, "Zoomie!  Talk is cheap.  That's all I hear or read from you.  Why don't you lead the assault?  I am tired of your keyboard 'leadership.' I shall ignore people like you from this point forward.  Dick.  Hurry up and die."

I will be leading no assaults because I am a man of Gandhi or Mandela.  

I am also a pussy.

And I'm busy...

Taunt me further and I will bludgeon you with my Teddy bear. 


  1. awesomeness, as usual.

  2. To paraphrase George C. Scott,

    "When you put your hand in a pile of goo, which was, a moment before, your... Teddy Bear... you'll know what to do."

  3. Fuck people that make comments like that. You lead the charge and he and all the other assholes like him would cower as you do. Everything has a tipping point and every voice that speaks out against tyranny brings that point closer. I only bring it up because I had to promise an oath to my wife not to be the first to act. She is cool once it rolls but she didn't want me standing out in a field on my own after no one else shows up. She is well aware of my temperament and rather radical nature. Pussy? No, the time is not here. In the mean time, keep it up. Your art is a large contribution to our movement. Put otherwise...You are everywhere.


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