Friday, February 14, 2014

NetFlix "House Of Cards" A Must-See...


An extremely well-done mini-series.

The second season is available now.

Political intrigue and skullduggery at its finest.

The sleaze is exquisite.

I imagine the real thing is infinitely worse.

You will want to shower after viewing.

Netflix here.

It beats the hell outta network and cable TV, neither of which do I watch any more. 


  1. Looking for 1 more series to watch before it warms up enough to wrench comfortably in the garage. I'll check it out.

  2. There were two scenes in this second season which caught me very much by surprise where I said out loud.... "DAMN!" and "OH...HELL NO!"

    It isn't often when a piece of cinema makes me comment out loud to myself.

    Try to figure out which two scenes caused me to do this, and you will win valuable prizes and my utmost respect and admiration.



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