Tuesday, May 5, 2015

A Crock Of Shit Now


  1. Must have been ejected. I have had that song in my head lately given the current direction things are headed.
    Good editing job. Finally, I too, was 10 back in 72 as well.

    Stay safe it there Zoomie


    1. Apparently not ejected. Jaws o' life cut that car to pieces.

      Regarding the edit:

      At first glance, the video clip is unremarkable...but if you're paying attention it's kinda trippy. It kinda looks like I slow-motioned it, but I didn't. Several factors came together to make it look like it does.

      -The closer I got to the accident scene, the more I slowed down because they usually close both sides of the interstate when bringing in the chopper. Not this time...

      Once the chopper enters the frame, the pilot slowed his rate of descent to a crawl. The frame rate on my dash-cam is such that it captured the blade turns...which makes it look trippy and edited as well.

      At the same time you see the real-time flashing of the cop car lights and the rotor-wash debris!

      All of these factors came together quite by accident! I added the music and the Apocalypse Now references because that's what first popped into my mind when I watched the raw footage.

      Unfortunately, there are many of a certain age who don't get the Apocalypse Now references. My oldest son had no clue, and I had to explain it to a work buddy that when the movie came out my friends and I used to ingest exotic intoxicants to watch the movie!

      Good times...

  2. That's interesting how it all played out like that in real time. You need too teach Francis ford Coppola a few things :-)

  3. One other thing. I watched it a few times. Definitely trippy given the way things played out. I noticed at the 38 to 40 second mark s shadow passes over the road just in front of you. Looks like the copter passing overhead.

    1. Yep. 15 minutes prior I had heard on the CB that a really bad crash had happened at this location, so I was ready for just about anything. I noticed the chopper (upper right) as a speck off in the distance and as he got closer his shadow cast right in front of me on the road.


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