Tuesday, August 18, 2015

A Dick Move: Interstate Merge fAle

I know.   Where the fuck I been at?  Not much posting.  Just dumb truck videos and "slogans."

Thanks for asking.

I'm fine. 

Busy working, and generally fed up with everything. 

Comes a point in a man's life when he's said just about all he can say.

Haven't even had the dash cam installed until two days ago.  I figured the displays of idiocy were getting kinda dull and I got tired of fucking with it.

Then this little gem popped up.

Un-fucking-believable what people do.

I'm wearing my ass out trying to stay alert and safe and (somewhat) courteous.

Y'all are makin' it hard on a brother.


  1. Well, at least we know your old raysists ass is OK...... ;)

  2. Glad to see you're o'tay ;-)

  3. Was on I-76 in Akron the other day and had one pass me on the left shoulder almost hitting a bridge rail in the process, then she brake-checks me and gives me the #1 salute like it is all my fault. Need to get a camera just for events like that.

    1. IKR? 730 deaths on Ohio roads so far this year, and all one hears is crickets...

    2. Zoomie, you sir are my hero, why just today [4 wheeling cross country from mi. To ut. On 80] I saw a big truck getting jammed, let off the gas to give him room to pull out and pass, he saw my firestick and could not thank me enough, like I handed him the winning lottery ticket! My reply to him was, Driver, you get paid to be out here I'm just enjoying my ride, no skin off me to hold back traffic to help out a guy getting paid by the mile! He thanked me again and dam near every truck after that for the next hundred miles waved at me or signaled to me. BTW this happens all time, because I am always watching out for you big trucks and the gwad dam awful 4 wheelers that seem to always be fu@king your day up!
      Drew in Michigan
      Drive safe, hope to give you consideration on the road one day!

    3. Thanks for you courtesy. When it happens to me it's as rare as hens teeth. I was just commenting the same to a neighbor today who mentioned he recently allowed a big truck time and room to maneuver and that I should buy a powerball ticket every time it happens. You are a great American.


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