Wednesday, August 26, 2015

American Butchery For Profit

This is an actual graphic from the website of a stem-cell research company (StemExpress) that buys harvested baby parts from Planned Parenthood.  I altered it slightly for balance and color.  Otherwise, text and graphics are unchanged.

I've said it before.

I am a very flawed believer.  I curse.  I covet.  I lust.  I kinda suck sometimes.

Anybody who knows me will tell you I am the furthest thing from being a "bible thumper."

Back when I was a virile young man, I considered it part of being a "man" to attempt to pollinate every willing female I would encounter. (not that there were many of those, BTW)

And if she got pregnant, I don't recall feeling any other real compunction to do anything other than "fix" the "problem" through an abortion.

Yes.  I was young and dumb and I was a heathen, but then something happened that change my worldview entirely.

My oldest sister and her husband got pregnant with their first child.

There were problems.  When it came time for the birth, the problems multiplied and it wasn't looking good.  I went to the hospital and saw the concern and worry in everyone's eyes.  It wasn't known if mother and child would make it.

The medical experts pulled out all the stops and made every effort to make sure child and mother lived.

They DID live.  Thankfully.  That child has grown to be an intelligent successful young woman with a family of her own.

This incident made me change my mind about abortion.  If so many talented people are willing to go to such great lengths to save innocent and helpless human life, then human life must be a very special thing and it should be protected.

In the back of my mind I think I always knew this was true, but I think I needed a kick in the ass to confirm it.

What was the difference between my sister's difficult pregnancy and others which end up in abortion?

From what I can tell, it is pretty much just a matter of want or desire.

If one wants the baby, then the baby is human and it will be taken care of properly.

If one doesn't want the baby, then it is nothing more than an inconvenient blob to be discarded.

Some say abortion is a choice or an option or a form of birth control or a women's health issue.

Birth control is condoms, the pill, early withdrawal, abstinence, or any other of the various contraceptive forms.  Once the sperm fertilizes the egg, it is a human life.  It's not a chicken or an elephant or a cat.

I've told my kids that if they are man or woman enough to stick it in or allow it to be stuck in unprotected, then they are man or woman enough to take responsibility for any human life they create.

We don't kill babies in this family.


The Center For Medical Progress has been releasing jaw-dropping undercover videos from Planned Parenthood.

Watch them.  All of them.

If this is your idea of "choice," then you chose wrong. 

This is pure evil. If you disagree...and I don't care who you, friend, can unfriend me and be gone from my life forever. 

I want nothing to do with you.

Watch the video. 

All of it. 

That casserole dish was full of human arms, legs, eyes, fingers, toes, and lungs. You are a soulless ghoul if you think they didn't belong to a human being...a baby.

These satanic bastards act like it's cool, and treat these slaughtered innocents as if their dismembered bodies are used auto parts to be bought and sold.

Never before have I been so angered and saddened that something so inherently perverse can be ta
king place in a country I once so dearly loved.

Innocent and defenseless human life no longer has any value in this country. People are more upset about a gawd damned lion being poached.

There will be a horrible reckoning. 

Someday. Somehow.

I suppose abortion should be legal, safe, and available.

It should also be a rarity.

I'm pretty dumb, and I don't have all the answers.

But I'm sure what I've seen in these videos ain't it... 


  1. I was the exact same way, now, not so much ..
    These people are ghoul's, no other way to look at it.......

    1. Yes. The way they rationalize this barbarity away is mind-boggling.

  2. At first, I was happy to see you'd posted again.
    I probably would be considered a bible-thumper, but I have a very hard time trying to square when the Scriptures tell me with what my heart tells me to do with the satanic subhuman vermin that run and work with "Planned unParenthood." They are truly a pestilence.
    And yet, our limpdicked politicians that allowed them to continue to give my tax money to PP, might even be worse; for they see the evils committed, and yet still fund it will illegally stolen $$, cut from my paycheck without my consent.
    Consider my consent to govern withdrawn. I have been pushed, mocked and abused too far.
    Still gonna pay my taxes, tho. I really don't want my kids to see daddy gassed, tazed and ventilated (with 614 rounds of 5.56) at 3:00am over that (for now).

    1. ..."(for now)."

      I don't know how many times I've said and thought those two words to myself or my children.

      I've said to my kids, "We are going to obey the letter of the law regarding topics A, B, and C."

      For now...but I have no problem no longer obeying the letter of the law when it no longer suits me to do so. Like..for instance...when obeying the letter of the law could very well lead to my self-destruction.

      I won't commit suicide for any motherfucker.

      I think this quote I found over at Pro Libertate very telling:

      “Crime is contagious,” observed Brandeis in the Olmstead v. U.S. decision nearly a century ago, when the surveillance state was in its larval stage and wiretapping by police was looked upon with horror. “If the government becomes a lawbreaker, it invites every man to become a law unto himself.... To declare in the administration of the criminal law the end justifies the means – to declare that the government may commit crimes in order to secure the conviction of a private criminal – would bring terrible retribution.”

      Done deal, me thinks...

  3. Birth control is condoms, the pill, early withdrawal, abstinence, or any other of the various contraceptive forms.

    A novel thought to commies, I am sure.


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