Wednesday, February 8, 2017

CCCP My Ass!

Seen on the road recently. 


What's next?  ISIS Trucking?  NAZI Motor Freight Lines?

I hailed the driver on the CB to get an explanation, but got no response.

This Bolshevik didn't even have a CB antenna...

I'm OK with Russians. In fact, I admire the silly rough-neck bastards. It's the whole Soviet Union/CCCP/Gulag commie thing I have a problem with. I wanted to ask him, "If the Soviet Union was so great, why are you here in the evil capitalist USA? Oh...that's right. The Soviet Union collapsed and doesn't EXIST any more!"

I think most Americans see the hammer and sickle as some sort of cool design they've seen college pukes waving or wearing on Che Guevara shirts, and have no idea what has been done in its name. To me, it's no different than a Nazi swastika.


  1. I saw the red flag of tyranny and murder waving proudly at the DNC, for a few short moments until the camera man pivoted away. I'm old enough to remember the soviet under Gorbachev, and I've studied enough to know about Lenin, Stalin and Khrushchev. I am very sad and a bit scared for my children. I hope that they don't need to watch me and a lot of other get machine gunned; and they themselves worked to death in another gulag. I agree totally with you. But education or being old enough to remember how scary the ussr really was... we are in the minority.
    Can you image some little shit trying that in 1958? They would have been dealt with proper.

    1. Yes. They are very comfortable and don't even try to hide it now. Somebody should probably do something about that! ;)

  2. CanCrusher from Central 'BamaFebruary 12, 2017 at 3:19 PM

    where was this?

  3. CanCrusher from central 'BamaFebruary 12, 2017 at 3:29 PM

    I just found some info by checking the DOT number on the door:

    DOT#: 2112327; MC# or MX#: MC-745334
    Phone: (631) 465-0233 Fax: (631) 910-0330
    Power Units: 10
    Drivers: 10

    1. Yup. I did also. They don't have a great inspection record either...


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