Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Crazy Good?

I've noticed that whenever a trucking company has a slogan emblazoned on their equipment touting how awesome they

"Destination Excellence"
"All We Care About Is You And Your Babies And Kittens And Puppies"
"We Kick Ass"
"We Are Safe As Fuck"

... the truth is usually the direct opposite of said slogan. 

This clown was sooooo "Crazy Good" he rode the ass of the old lady in the Prius for three miles! 

I loves my job, and your safety and convenience is of the utmost importance to me.



  1. I used to drive Liquid O2 for Airgas around Seattle area and I too have seen every known fluck ups, idiot and retards and then there was the cage drivers, who where in their own class. I feel for you, becoming insulin diabetic has some silver-lining shit to it... No longer herding a crater making substance amongst the total retards of this fine nation.

  2. Around here, Airgas drivers pretty much behave themselves. Must be that towing-a-bomb thing they got going...


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