Monday, October 10, 2011

Fuck A Bunch Of Che Guevara

Because I am a realist and I don't like to waste valuable time learning shit that is pointless, (and I freely pass on my life philosophies to my offspring), I recommended to all of my children that they take Spanish language courses in high school.

A couple of summers ago, I accompanied my kids on a tour of their high school as they were going to be new incoming freshmen.

In their Spanish language classroom, I noticed a 8X10 painting of Che Guevara.  

My kids had no idea who Che was, so I edumacated them a little on the subject.

Then, I emailed the instructor and asked her what the idea was behind displaying the painting of Che in an American classroom, and whether she was aware of the atrocities Che committed.

She replied that the painting was done by a student, that she was aware of the truth about Che, and that she uses the painting as a tool to teach her students the entire truth about him.

Somewhat satisfied with her answer, and pleased with myself for being an uppity parent, I dropped the matter and went on about my business.

Later on during that school year, I asked my children if the teacher ever waxed poetically or romantically about Che, (or ever mentioned their uppity dad), and my kids said she has never mentioned the commie bastard (or me).

Since that time, I've been monitoring the subjects of the written reports the Spanish teacher assigns my kids during the school year.

My findings include:

Hugo Chavez.

Fidel Castro.

What.  The.  Fuck?

Apparently, there are no other non-communist Spanish-speaking heroes about whom this teacher's students can write papers.

Interestingly, my own quick online search revealed dozens of names of Hispanic Americans who were awarded the Medal Of Honor.

I suppose these heroic Americans don't rate a report these days in American public schools.

Perhaps a face-to-face conference with this teacher is in order, but, at this time, I am not certain I would be able to conduct myself like a gentleman should.

I am not convinced this teacher is not a commie-loving hippie.

Maybe it's just me...

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