Friday, March 2, 2012

A Good Cop And A Great American

What with all the horror stories of cops going rogue, I thought I'd present to you, my gentle readers, the other side of the story.

God knows I am neither a holster-sniffer nor a badge-polisher, but I have a serious man-crush on this dude.

His name is Bradley D. Rogers, and he is Sheriff of Elkhart County, Indiana.

He is very active on FaceBook.

You should friend him and check out the shenanigans he's up to.

He is a Constitutionally grounded Christian man.  

He is the definition of  "peace officer" and patriot.

...and he takes no shit.

It's a damn shame I get all excited about a cop such as Rogers.

All cops should be like him.


  1. Kevin CederquistMarch 2, 2012 at 8:14 PM

    Hmm, manners, I like that, I do manners just fine, your house, your rules, I can live with that, just commenting on your disclaimer below the "Publish Button" I have a man-crush on you anyways, I like a man who can shit and mean it and not give a rats prizzler about o-ffending any body. I knew a cop like your cop, respected the hell out of him, then he ups and gets cancer and dies, broke my heart.

  2. It's a wonderful thing that this sheriff is willing to take a stand against the feds
    in regards to some laws....when he actually takes a stand and requires his deputies to
    observe that same position regarding the BOR and what it REALLY means than we can consider
    him something special.

    When he tells his deputies to ignore ALL laws controlling weapons of any kind.....
    when he tells his deputies to ignore ALL laws governing what chemicals a person chooses
    to put into their own body....
    When he tells his deputies to NEVER EVER search a vehicle or a home till after they
    have taken their information to a judge and been given a warrant....
    In short.....when this sheriff observes the Constitution and the Bill of Rights and
    makes his decisions in a fashion that does not contradict the principles and restraints
    on power imposed by that document can he be considered special.

    Unless and until he does the above he's just another political animal angling for press coverage.

  3. Dan: I hear you and I concur. It is baby steps, but it is a start.

  4. Good job Zoomie! We see so many bad cops,its nice to know there are still some good ones Too!



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