Sunday, March 11, 2012



I bet y'all thought I was gonna post another hateful rant about wanting to filet the flesh off a fool's arm or something.


Not today...

This popped up in my front yard.

Ain't it purty-full?

Robbins have been seen in the area.

The maple trees are full of buds.

Spring has sprung in the Hoosier state!

I hoisted the Gadsden and Navy Jack flags.

My wife calls them my "angry" flags.


Talked to a couple of my men-folk neighbors and discussed a little sedition.

Found out the new guy across the street is a gun-nutter.

Building tribe.


It's gonna be a great summer.

Sorry.  Sometimes I can't help myself.
I carried this weathered pig-sticker in Gulf War 1.
I used it to open care packages of Oreos and Marlboros.
I am hard like that.



  1. Spring sproinged down here in North Mexico two weeks ago. I got beans flowering. Sadly I have nobody local to talk sedition with. Heh, "angry flags". Damn straight...

  2. Ain't it great to see the flowers start opening up like that? Took a little ride with my Son today and enjoyed this nice warm sunny day.
    Way behind on starting garden seeds but I got it all laid out for tomorrow anyway.

  3. In honor of Zoomie's yard...I wrote a poem.

    Spring done sprung.
    The grass done riz.
    I wondered where the flowderz is!!

  4. Just stay out of Waffle House restaurants, and you'll be okay!

  5. Ya know, that knife reminded me of a Bowie knife, and had Jim Bowie had the technology, that's what HIS knife would have read! If anyone knew the meaning of the word, the men of the Alamo sure did!

  6. Well we's got us some peach an apple trees abloomin hear in Noth Caroliinai
    Im hopin we don't have no late freeze an ruin em.
    I can't talk no sedition with ya on hear cause you know the gman'll be
    watchin everthin these days.
    Mighty nice pig sticker you got there boy.

    1. Thanks, and blade do have character, don't it?
      ...and who you callin' boy? :D

    2. Its just a southern greeting is all, you younger than me ain't you?

    3. I'm 50 in November. I ain't mad atcha, broheem, nor am I tryin' to start The War Of Northern Aggression II. I'd be on your side anyway... ;)

    4. My Uncle's retort to being called 'Boy' was always the same: Boy? Just what the hell are men like where you come from?

      It always worked. ;)


    5. We used to say, "Boy? If you see a boy, you better slap him!"

  7. My blueberries are going crazy. Good work my friend.



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