Saturday, May 29, 2010

Part 16- My Humongous Astronomical 2010 Indy 500 Blog Mess: Zoomie Gets Off...The Beaten Path

Sometimes, a dork like me is able to hang around cool and real racing insider people who know even cooler people.

Then, sometimes, dorks like me are able to go to secret undisclosed locations and look at truly bitchin' gear-head type stuff.

I refuse to tell you where this super-secret location is, because some of you might be unsavory and try to steal some of this cool shit which isn't yours to begin with.

Then, I would have to hurt you.


Anyhoo...the following are some pictures I took inside this location.

When I walked in this place, my loins felt all tingly and stuff.


I have issues.

The owner and skilled craftsman at this location has a pair of vintage Alfa Romeo racing units. I think they are from the 1923 year of manufacture, but my memory retention is not very good, so you may have to utilize Google for further information.

He works on them himself and fabricates by hand many of the parts he uses in his restorations. Back in olden times, he was a crew member of a real and fast Indy racing team, but he got tired of the bullshit and went to work for himself.

He is amazing and spectacular.

Also in the shop I saw this 1980s version of a racing Corvette from like the GrandAm or American LeMans Series or something...I don't know which.

It was cool too.

Then, I saw these two antique motorcycles, which always are fun and exciting to look at.

I thank the proprietor of this secret establishment for allowing me the privilege of looking at his cool shit.

It was fun!

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