Monday, February 11, 2013

Is This Wrong? Volume Eleven: Zoomie And O'Vomit At The Range

If it is wrong, I don't give a fuck and I will delete nothing.

Anyhoo...O'Vomit didn't dress for the weather, and the dumb motherfucker was shivering so much he never got on target and he went "unk relay." *

Stupid bastard...

*"Unk relay" means unqualified relay, which is a Marine Corps boot-camp term used for the non-shooting fucks who couldn't qualify with the M-16 the first go-around and had to go back for remedial training.

It was considered a shameful disgrace back in my day for a boot to go "unk relay."

Thought you should know...


  1. Like that M1 Garand. What I really love is the video of the US Marine Corps Honor Guard marching in the O'Bummer Inaugeration Parade with their M1 Garands (with fixed bayonets) and NO BOLTS in their M1's. Looks like a paranoid bunch of Gubmint Wackos who are afraid of their own military.

    1. Not paranoid, just realistic. While Obama/Soros may be able to rely on the doggies for domestic repression - at least for awhile - USMC has already served notice they will do no such thing. In part, Civil War II will be NatGuard units, Marines, some County Sheriff Depts, & militias vs. Urban Cops/regular Army, and Regime Red Guards recruited from the FEMA camps. I sense victory for FreeForce, not RegimeForce

  2. Yes.

    The M1 was a nice rifle, but I have decided guns are dangerous and kill children indiscriminately and should be outlawed and that I will let the police protect me and mine because they are the only ones who are trained and should have firearms... I gave the Garand and all my other guns away to an appreciative government agent. He gave me a Walmart gift card in return and I bought a snuggie and a bag of carmel apples. I am warm with a full belly and content now and am watching Oprah. All is right with the world. What could possibly go wrong?

  3. Walter, you are right again. They are the only ones qualified to protect us. Watch this video as this DEA agent, Lee Paige,
    demonstrates this in front of a classroom of kids.
    Paige was making a "drug education presentation" in April 2004 to a Florida youth group when his firearm (a Glock .40) accidentally discharged. The shooting occurred moments after Paige told the children that he was the only person in the room professional enough to carry the weapon.

    BTW I think the USMC was marching with M1As, sans bolts.

  4. Too sweet. Glad to see that you didn't let you utter contempt, bitter hatred and complete disrespect (Spit) color your post. Objectivity is such a beautiful thing. BTW, Do I get charged extra here for clicking on retarded 20 times because he is in the photo?

  5. No extra charge. I encourage all comments and reactions to my bullshit.

  6. The Regime (Federals) have pushed the citizens to a degree they are terrified of an Anwar Sadat moment for the 'Savior Obama

  7. i love these ! only tyrants and dictators do stuff like stalin the 2nd posing with a gun. in north korea and venezula, those rulers pull stunts like this all the time and expect the people will buy it and now we have our very own - GREAT !

    i think i'm going to print some of these pictures to keep around the house, so next time i'm sick enough to throw up; i'll have something to catch it.


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