Wednesday, February 13, 2013

There Is Beauty In Simplicity

After watching every second of the State of the Union Address last night, I was duly inspired.

Get it while you can.


  1. And you really watched the whole thing with out barfing? What a man.
    Papa Mike

  2. I know, but I was grinding my teeth and clenching my fists the entire time, and I felt like putting a round through the screen on several occasions.

  3. I didn't even listen/watch him. Best I could do was watch some right wing chat room make obnoxious comments while stalin the 2nd told us how its going to be. if you thought the last 4 years sucked, you hadn't seen anything yet.

  4. Now that I hijacked this graphic and pasted it in all the windows of my truck ...

    Do you have any "anti-vandalism" insurance to sell as a way of recovering royalties ?



    1. Yes. I can recommend Glock, Colt1911, or CZ75.

    2. Ha! I just bought 17 of the bumper stickers. I will put them on my vehicles and bring joy to the masses!

    3. My default is insurance is provided by SA/XD .45

      "Joy to the masses" is what they bring ... I got several THUMBS UP signals on my drive to the bank and grocery store this morning.

      And even better was the perplexed look of the yuppie parked next to me in the car park at the bank!


    4. Hans:

      It would bring me a great deal of pleasure if you could send me pictures of your truck with the "Impeach O'Vomit" pasted on it.

      I will blur out any identifying features like license plate numbers (or you can do it before you send) and I will post the pics here and make you more famouser than you already are.

      My email is at my Blogger profile.

      Thank you for your consideration in this matter.

      BTW...The XD is a nice piece as well and will do nicely as an insurance policy.


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