Wednesday, February 6, 2013

This Is Guaranteed To Make You Hurl!

I already know this is wrong.

I am sorry. 

Cartoon by Al of my heroes.

I think I'm done now.



  1. Done hurling I hope.
    Get fucking busy now and start posting more often, dammit.

    1. Totally agree with ya busted, zoomie needs to get back in the hunt, we need more ppl like him.........

    2. What am I to you people...a trained monkey who makes crappy and cartoonish pictures for your amusement? A court jester placed on this planet for your entertainment?

      Go fuck yourselves with a turbo-charged chainsaw.


  2. oh please don't be done, I'm not nearly as clever as you and you make me giggle. Please feel free to continue.

    1. I'm not going anywhere. I was just being cute. I will continue to do this until I am shut down and sent to a gulag by the criminal and treasonous O'Vomit cabal.

      I am happy that I made you giggle.

      That's why I am here. :D


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