Monday, May 18, 2009

Part 19- My Fantastic Supreme 2009 Indy 500 Photo Diary Blog Type Thang: Armed Forces And Bump Day At Indy

It was Armed Forces Day at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway yesterday.

There were many uniformed members of all service branches in attendance.

They are cool too, and much more cooler than me because I was a pogue reservist turd when I served back in olden times, and I really didn’t do anything heroic like the current folks in the military are doing now.

In an ironic twist, the poppies in my flower bed are bursting forth and blooming like crazy.

For further information on the relevance of poppies and our armed forces, I would suggest a Google search.

Or something.

Anyhoo…I hope you all appreciate what they all are doing for us now.

I know I sure do.

It was also Bump Day, and there was much drama and excitement!

Here are some random pictures and comments regarding recent activities at IMS.

This is Ed Carpantier pulling into his pit to receive expert service from his crack Visions crew.

Ed and his lovely wife are expecting a baby at any moment.

Mrs. Carpantier reportedly was experiencing labor pains trackside yesterday.


I bet it’s hard to concentrate on going fast at Indy when one’s wife is about to pop.

Ed is to be commended for his ability to multi-task.

That’s what I think.

This is Danica Hospenthal rumbling down pit lane at Indy in her racing machine.

Danica has not been rumbling and mumbling and mad this year at Indy because she has allegedly been taking anger management classes over the winter and has taken control of her seething white-hot rage.

She seems kinder and gentler this year, and seeing as Mr. Hospenthal has sold his business and now has more time to hang around the house and the various racetracks, I bet they spend more peaceful quality time together.

A tranquil home is a happy home.


This is a top-secret spy photo of the Bob Kravitz Commemorative Weenie Journalism Special.

It was being prepared in the event we didn’t have a full field of 33, and a wanker field filler was needed.

Luckily, we did not need Bob Kravitz to race at Indy this year, so he can stick to writing biting and legendary commentary in the local fish rap.

We really dodged a bullet this time.

Pretty much.

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