Friday, May 8, 2009

Part 8- My Fantastic Supreme 2009 Indy 500 Photo Diary Blog Type Thang: Dario And Dorks

This year, after quitting NASCAR because it is goofy and cartoonish, Dario Judd took a gig with Chip Ganassi.

This is what Dario’s car looks like now.

In this shot, Dario’s crack crew is flogging the snot out of their Indy Honda V-8 engine.

A couple of years ago, Dario won the Indy 500 in grand style and cemented his legendary status in real open wheel racing history for all time.

During the post-race sobbing and hugging and moaning ceremonies, Dario stated he was happy he could join his hero and fellow Scottishland countryman Jimmy Clark as an Indianapolis 500 Sweepstakes winner.

With this in mind, I recently got to thinking that Dario would probably like to have this picture of Clark, which my old man took at Indy a long time ago back in 1963.

(Rick Johnson photo)

So…I printed up a nice copy from my vast vintage racing photo archive, and proceeded to Dario’s garage so that I could present it to him in a gesture heretofore unseen in the annals of real Indy Racing fandom.

I had visions of Dario’s wide-eyed amazement as I gave him the photo. I also half-expected him to hug me and kiss me and moan a little as well.


Unfortunately, this intimate scenario did not come to fruition, because every time Dario comes out of his garage or something, he is mobbed by rabid and enthusiastic real Indy 500 autograph and camera dorks.

Knowing that I could not haul around a glossy 8x10 shot of Jim Clark all day without spilling beer on it, I left the picture with an elderly and responsible-looking Target/Chip Ganassi crewmember…with explicit instructions that he should personally hand-deliver it to Dario with my compliments.

The TCG crewmember looked at me as if I were an insane stalker, took the photo from me, and slowly backed away.

Top Secret Spy Photo (by Curt Boggs)

I have no way of knowing if Dario ever received the photo.

I bet the TCG crewmember threw it in the trash to protect his driver from unsolicited but historic racing related images.

That would be disappointing.

I am such a dork.

Speaking of dorks, here are some other dorks of the camera variety I saw in the garage area today.

The pictures they took at this moment probably destroyed the delicate inner-workings of their expensive photo equipment.

That’s what I think.

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