Thursday, May 7, 2009

Part 5- My Fantastic Supreme 2009 Indy 500 Photo Diary Blog Type Thang: Sarah O'Gara

It was a beautiful day at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway today. The sun was shining and the beer was flowing and the real and fast and shiny Indy racing machines came out in droves.

They parked all of us great unwashed masses, who don’t have real Indy Racing insider credentials, in the gravel lot behind the front stretch grandstands, instead of way out in Turn Three, because Turn Three had turned into a frothy muddy bog from all the rain.

It was similar to being treated like royalty to park so close to the action, and it enabled me to make many return trips to my Paul Tracy Signature Series Limited Edition Beer Wagon Cruiser to reload my beer supply.

I finally ran into Grover as I normally do at Indy, and, as is tradition, he stomped a new mud hole in my arse and stole some of my beer.

Then, I met up with legendary intardnet Indy Racin’ lensman 9Rows. You can see some of his photographic genius here.

9Rows and I cursed, smoked, drank beer, talked racing, watched hawt chicks, and he bought me a breaded tenderloin sammich because he felt guilty about owning a camera that is better than my Kodak Instamatic.

He's liberal like that...

Then, it was on to taking some photos, and watching Indy racing units at speed from various vantage points around the Speedway.

This is Sarah O’Gara and her crew at the fuel island in the garage area.

If you look closely, you can see that they are all having a rollicking good time, which probably happens often when you work with a cool girl like Sarah.


I’ve said before that I think Sarah is cool because she’s like the girl who lives across the street and not all uppity and stuff…except I don’t peek into Sarahs' windows at night.


Anyhoo…the family she recently married into owns a cool little pub in my quiet little town. It’s called O’Gara’s Irish Pub, and I understand Sarah can be found there on occasion, enjoying an iced tea and conversing with eager race fans.

I’ve been in O’Gara’s a couple of times…usually during my town’s Fall Festival thingy, so that I can have a frosty draft beer and escape the unruly youths who roam the streets and cause mayhem.

O’Gara’s Irish Pub is a nice place. They even have a FacePlant page!

I recommend you stop by and say hello and do many shots of Jaeger if you want.

Anyhoo…this is Sara O’Gara’s car.

It is a pretty racecar.

It is sponsored by a store that sells many low-priced Chinese-made plastic items.

Sarah was able to get it up to a respectable speed today.

Way to go Sarah O’Gara!

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