Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Part 14- My Fantastic Supreme 2009 Indy 500 Photo Diary Blog Type Thang: Roger Penske...My Boss?

This is Roger Penske at Indy.

He is The Captain.

Roger don’t play.

With that in mind, I should inform the interested reader that I sometimes do some sub-contract labor for Roger Penske’s organization.

Therefore, I should probably watch what I say in regards to him.

Otherwise, I might find my ass out on the street and jobless, begging for money at the end of an interstate ramp.

That would be below average.

Anyhoo…as I said, Roger runs a tight ship, and he will tolerate no amount of shenanigans from his associates. Roger will give an associate one chance, and if an associate Effs up, that associate can expect some consequences.

As evidence of this, I cite the following picture.

These Penske associates probably participated in some garage area hi-jinks…like short-sheeting Helio’s bed, or sprinkling chili powder into Will Power’s undercrackers.


As a disciplinary measure, Roger Penske had them do some mundane tasks like stencil his name on all the new sets of racing wheels so that other nefarious race teams, like AJ Foyt’s, wouldn’t steal them. And, if those associates know what’s good for them, they’ll be careful about unsightly overspray too!

Roger can play games if an associate wants to play games. He has his ways of reminding his associates who signs the paychecks.

That’s how Roger Penske rolls.

He is firm but fair.

I understand Roger has been affected greatly by the recent tough economic times, and that he is no longer a billionaire.

That is unfortunate.

I know how Roger feels, as my Individual Retirement Account (IRA) has taken a big hit as well.

Still…I wouldn’t mind swapping my IRA for Roger’s.

Many people don’t know that Roger Penske once raced real and fast cars back in olden times.

He was not always a wealthy racing team owner and corporate entrepreneur.


At one time he actually drove race cars.

Here are a couple of photos of Roger Penske as a driver at Indianapolis Raceway Park.

This is Roger Penske and Dan Gurney chit-chatting at IRP. Dan had best stand there and listen attentively if he knows what's good for him! Hoosier Grand Prix, a sports car race, at Indianapolis Raceway Park, 1962. (Rick Johnson photo)

Roger Penske and FireBall Roberts discussing investment strategies at the Yankee 300, a USAC stock car race, 1963. (Rick Johnson photo)

So…you see…Roger kinda knows what he’s doing when it comes to racing.

And if he doesn’t know, he’ll hire somebody who does know.

Pretty much.

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