Monday, May 12, 2008

Part 26-My 2008 Magnificent Colossal Indy 500 Photo Blog Thing: The History And Origins Of Gomer

The History of Gomer

With the advent of the internet message board, it wasn’t long before racing related forums sprung up. All was right with the world, and all racing fans lived in peace and harmony…until the dreaded split.

Seething-with-rage CART/ChampCar fans believed IRL fans to be retarded, bucktoothed, mindless, backwoods, inbred, hill-jacks…and who is the biggest hill-jack ever? Gomer Pyle, of course, who, as Jim Nabors, sings Back Home Again In Indiana on race day at Indy.

One clever ChampCar devil designed an internet message board emoticon, a little cartoonish character or symbol used to further convey a thought or emotion, specifically for denigrating IRL/IndyCar/Indy 500 fans.

This emoticon, or smilie as it is commonly known, was the standard “have a nice day” smilie face…modified with bucked-teeth in order to further convey the backwoods hill-jack heritage of IndyCar fans.

This bucktoothed smilie was named Gomer.

IRL fans were highly amused at the Gomer smilie, and turned what was intended to be a hateful and insulting symbol, into a badge of honor, love, and constant uproarious comedy!

Race in peace, my friends!

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