Thursday, May 22, 2008

Part 43- My 2008 Magnificent Colossal Indy 500 Photo Blog Thing: Tour Through The United Kingdom Continues...

Andover, Hampshire has made an appearance! A hearty hello from across the pond, mates! Happy to make your acquaintance!

Andover, Hampshire was infamous back in the 1800’s for their deplorable workhouses, and there is nothing even remotely amusing about any of it.

I would suggest you Google The Andover Workhouse Scandal for additional details.

In 1955, the Andover Town Council decided they wanted to fluoridate the water supply to make teeth healthier. For some reason, the public outcry was massive, and the idea was dropped, but not before the Andoverians sacked a bunch of their politicians in the following election.

I think those politicians were right and forward thinking. Maybe.

I mean…right or wrong, we Americans like to make fun of the Brits and their rotten teeth.

Like most urban legends and myths, oftentimes there rings a bit of truth.

Who’s to say that if the Andoverians had went ahead with their leaders’ plans to treat the water, there wouldn’t be any gnarly British teeth jokes floating about?

I couldn’t say, but one thing’s for sure. The Austin Powers movies would be a lot shorter.

I bet Dan Wheldon is all for flouride.

That’s what I think.

During WW2, Andover was the site of an American fighter squadron base. I imagine this led to many dashing Yank fighter pilots dating and marrying beautiful English girls.

This activity probably also led many disgruntled Tommies to get mad and start bar fights. After all, one of the sayings of the Squaddie of the day about Americans was, “They’re overpaid, oversexed, and over here!”

Anyhoo…after the war, the airfield was almost paved over by Tescos, which is like Walmart here.

Tescos wanted to build a big box-store warehouse monstrosity on the site, but, once again, the people of Andover had a hissy fit, and kinda threw a wrench in the works.

The Andoverians didn’t want fat disgusting mothers in stretchy pants and dirty house slippers and their dirty and foul brats defiling the sacred ground of their airport.

So, the new Tescos facility is sorta in limbo right now. Kinda.

Probably the most famous persons to come out of Andover are The Troggs. They are world-renown for the following song:


Andover, Hampshire makes everything groovy!

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