Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Part 10-My 2008 Magnificent Colossal Indy 500 Photo Blog Thing: Target/Chip Ganassi and Dan Wheldon

Chip's Target boys came out today and made Indy look easy. As I watched them from my Turn One catbird seat, I concluded that they are smooth, fast, and consistent.

The above moment in time I captured was the only time a Target car was overtaken all day.

The following is a super special commemorative image I made today. It is Dan Wheldon.

I took this picture with my dad's old 35mm film camera, using old school black and white film. It looks kinda artsy fartsy and vintage and nostalgic, doesn't it?

I am glad Danny wasn't smiling for this shot, because the white balance for my camera would probably have to be recalibrated, sorta, and finding somebody who recalibrates old film cameras is pretty hard to do these days.


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