Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Part 28-My 2008 Magnificent Colossal Indy 500 Photo Blog Thing: More Spy Satellite Imagery; Australia

This is Australia. Australia is cool. That's what I think.

Somehow, the good folks of this fine country have found time, between drinking bouts, to click on real intardnet Indy racing related banter.

Hello to Adelaide, South Australia! I am glad you could attend our little party! Nice to see you!

Adelaide is special because it's the only Australian state which wasn't founded by miscreant vagabond ex-British criminal types looking for an easy way out.

Adelaide was planned as a free colony with all kinds of cool stuff like freedom of religion and other groovy civil liberties. The guy who was kinda responsible for all this was named Edward Gibbon Wakefield. Wakefield thought up all this freedom crap while he was in a London jail, charged with kidnapping a rich old British broad. Sorta.

Wakefield is like Australia's Ben Franklin! Maybe.

Adelaide has a lot of street parties where they drink alarming quantities of wine made from grapes which came from grapevines brought over by Germans back in the olden times.

I gotta think I would have a good time drinking wine with the Adelaidians, but I bet I couldn't keep up with them! We Yanks are notorious for not handling our liquor, especially when competing against Aussies.

Adelaide used to have a Formula One race, but no-good-rotten Melbourne stole it from them with the help of no-good-rotten Bernie Knucklstone. Probably.

Adelaide has a V-8 Supercar race there now, but it is like NASCAR and it's really not the same and nobody cares and I bet the Adeladians are still pished at Melbourne and Bernie.

That's what I think.

Box Hill, Victoria has graced us with its presence as well.

Howdy, mates!

Box Hill is a high-rent district suburb of Melbourne, so I probably couldn't afford going on a pub crawl there unless its fine citizens were buying.

Box Hill was first discovered by a guy named Arundel Wrighte, who originally came from Van Diemen's Land, which is another name for Tasmania.

Any dude who came from an area named after a U2 song is OK by me, and so is the town he settled.

Canberra also has stopped by for a look-see. Welcome Canberra!

Canberra is named after a famous Cold War RAF bomber, so you know it's cool!

Keep 'em flying, Canberra!

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