Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Some Frightening "Art" I've Been Working On...

Feel free to use any of these crappy images on your websites or where ever if you want.

And if you feel like it, give me a little credit...

Yes.  I'm giving you license to steal my shit with no consequences.

I'm socialist like that, though.

Hells bells.  I'll even customize this shit if you want.

Give me some suggestions.

Click on the images for the full, dramatic, eye-bleeding effect!

OK...now I'm done.



This'n' is for my brothers in the Lone Star state.

Aww jeez...what am I to you people? A fucking performing monkey?

It is my sincere hope that armor-piercing 30.06 is up to your high standards and meets with your ultimate approval.


By request...

410s may have looked better as they are thinner, but they are not near as threatening or capable of tearing traitorous flesh asunder. Besides...dude wanted 12 gauge, so 12 gauge is what he gets!

Remix edited disco-version of the original....

I'm pretty happy with this idea, but I'm gonna try this concept horizontally also... 

I'm being silly now.  

If Yoda were a government agent/carp fish bent on absconding with our liberties...what he might be thinking about all this subversive propaganda shit going down on the innerwebs...

 for Slammin' Sammy "The Knife" Kerosene

And now for something completely different...

I'd better stop for tonight.  I'm getting a little loopy..

I took the liberty of doing a couple of updates and freshening up a bit of Sam's original design...one in mind-blowing color, the other in black and white.

I expect a brutal gutting at any time for my indiscretions...

These next few I stole pretty much all of the individual elements from different sources and glued them all together.

I am sorry.

For Rich T...

Santa came early this year.

My neighbors love me.

That's what I think! 

Due to popular demand, I have created some crappy T-shirts at Zazzle.

I have a banner ad on the left side bar (near the top) and a flash panel at the very bottom here for my shitty and cartoonish Zazzle shirts.

The "Resist III" shirt I purchased above is cool as fuck!  The design is huge and "in-your-face" bad-ass, and it covers the entire front.

It is not subtle in the least.

Zazzle has a decent return policy, so if you buy something and you think it sucks for some reason, you can pretty much return it and get your cash back or some other kind of satisfaction.

I suggest reading the policy for clarification.

If you buy a shirt...great...and thanks.
If not...that's cool too.
It's a free country.
For now.

Full disclosure...this is a purely evil capitalistic endeavor.  I make a buck or two off each shirt, and I will spend those profits on guns and ammo and beer.

Pretty much.

With apologies to Black Sabbath and Greg Hildebrandt...