Friday, March 29, 2013

Friday, March 22, 2013

Is This Wrong? Volume Fourteen: Papers Please

Is This Wrong? Lucky Thirteen: Joe Biden Is A Fucking Idiot

I swear to all that is good and Holy...Joe Biden has got to be the dumbest mother-fucking cunt on the planet.

He is a national embarrassment.

Is there EVER a time when he isn't drunk, stoned, or otherwise completely baked outta his fucking gourd?

The excrement that spews out of his filthy man-pleaser is some of the stupidest shit ever uttered by any human being in the recorded history of mankind. 

This dumb bastard makes George W. Bush look like a rocket surgeon.

I created the above image in his honor. 

(Hope you like it, Joe.)

Well...I didn't really create it.

See...I took an old Soviet-era anti-drinking-and-driving poster (how's THAT for irony on multiple levels?) I found on the intardnets and made it my own and enhanced it and made it even more betterer.

Or something...

Fuck me.

Now I'm starting to sound like Uncle Joe.

I need a drink.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Johnson County Indiana Sheriff Doug Cox Vows He Will Wave Federal Goons On Through His County In Politicized 2A Bitch Fight

A central Indiana sheriff says if his county's commissioners pass a law ordering him to ignore a federal assault weapons ban, he might just ignore them instead.

Sheriff Doug Cocks
Seems a Johnson County Indiana Commission and Johnson County Indiana Sheriff Doug Cox are at odds about supporting, protecting, and defending Second Amendment Constitutional liberties.

More here, here, here, and here. has turned into a political hair-pulling bitch fight, but Sheriff Cox's comments are particularly illuminating.

I heard in a radio report that Cox said he and his department work with the Feds all the time, and that he will not try to keep them from coming into Johnson County...for whatever reason, apparently.

"We need help sometimes.  I’m certainly not going to tell them all to go away.  It’s not gonna happen," said Cocks.

Here's an idea, Sheriff Cocks.

", protect, and defend the Constitution against ALL enemies foreign AND domestic."

Oh...and by the way, Sherrif Cocks.

Here's your sign.

Semper Fi, motherfucker.


Holy shit. 

Seems this asshole got his pecker in a wringer with the Feds back in 2010 for "his handling federal grant money while running for office, a violation of federal law."

Story here.

Idiots in Johnson County elected him to office any-damn-way.


The current story makes total sense now. 

Coxsucker giving the Feds a reach-around...

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Broadcast Legends

I heard this yesterday evening while driving through Cincinnati...

700 WLW radio in Cincinnati and these two statist badge polishers again..."Eddie and Tracy"

Radio people are very strange.  Ask me how I know.

Link to audio podcast download thingy...

Listen to the shit they say and what the cop says....starting at about the 5:26 mark until the 10 minute mark.

Ignore the rest. 

It is radio pablum.

I don't know who the fuck Eddie is...probably just some everyday radio hack microphone puker, and Tracy is some washed-up has-been former Cincinnati Reds baseball player.

Both of these two douche-cannons just can't get enough of cops and cameras and "protection."

These two holster-sniffers make me want to puke. 

How many cops and cameras do they need to make them feel "safe?"

One of each on every street corner? 

In every home?

"It's nothing new. Everybody's doing it."

Rather like Buchenwald and, "I was just following orders."

Way to go, Ohio.


Some of you might be saying, "Zoomie!  If you hate these two DJs so much, why do you listen?"

Well...I'll tell you.

700 WLW is a great and powerful and iconic radio station with excellent news/weather/traffic reports. 

Why these two mouth-breathers sully their airwaves, I'll never know.  

As I drive through Cincinnati once or twice a day, 700WLW is most excellent in informing me when dumb-ass buckeyes run out of talent and crash and close roads I need to use. 

That's why I listen.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Big News!

I bet I was drunk and armed at the time...

I believe it's important for you people to know that long before I blogged cartoonish and shitty and subversive material here, I was blogging shitty and childish material here about open-wheeled Indy Car excitement and the Indianapolis 500.

See...I grew up within walking distance of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway and have spent ridiculous amounts of time there in my 50-plus years on this planet.

I received confirmation yesterday that I will be taking my traditional paid vacation time during the 2 weeks of May for the 2013 running of my beloved Indianapolis 500.


Sometimes, it is beneficial to work for a huge evil corporate conglomerate bent on the destruction of everything everyone holds dear.

For those of you not in the know...for several years back in the good old days...I took the entire month of May off from work and spent alarming amounts of time at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway drinking shocking amounts of beer and using foul language.

I would take pictures and write dumb stories and post them on the intardnets here and elsewhere and I became kind of a big deal.


Then, job changes and life in general got in the way, and last year I wasn't able to do my thang and I became full of rage and bitterness and seething white-hot hate.

Millions of folks who depended on my wacky Indy 500 coverage were sad and disappointed and some committed suicide because their lives were ruined and no longer had purpose.


I blame George Bush.

Everything is his fault.

Just ask President O'Vomit.

I may or may not get a bronzed badge which will give me unfettered access to the furthest reaches and bowels of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

Who is to say?

Certainly not me. conclusion...after a one-year hiatus, it looks like I will be doing my Indy 500 blog mess again this year.

During that time, don't expect me to post terroristic articles about O'Vomit and his criminal progressive treasonous cabal.

There'll be plenty of time for that before and after Indy.

The good Lord willing and the drones don't get me...

kind of a big deal