Friday, March 15, 2013

Johnson County Indiana Sheriff Doug Cox Vows He Will Wave Federal Goons On Through His County In Politicized 2A Bitch Fight

A central Indiana sheriff says if his county's commissioners pass a law ordering him to ignore a federal assault weapons ban, he might just ignore them instead.

Sheriff Doug Cocks
Seems a Johnson County Indiana Commission and Johnson County Indiana Sheriff Doug Cox are at odds about supporting, protecting, and defending Second Amendment Constitutional liberties.

More here, here, here, and here. has turned into a political hair-pulling bitch fight, but Sheriff Cox's comments are particularly illuminating.

I heard in a radio report that Cox said he and his department work with the Feds all the time, and that he will not try to keep them from coming into Johnson County...for whatever reason, apparently.

"We need help sometimes.  I’m certainly not going to tell them all to go away.  It’s not gonna happen," said Cocks.

Here's an idea, Sheriff Cocks.

", protect, and defend the Constitution against ALL enemies foreign AND domestic."

Oh...and by the way, Sherrif Cocks.

Here's your sign.

Semper Fi, motherfucker.


Holy shit. 

Seems this asshole got his pecker in a wringer with the Feds back in 2010 for "his handling federal grant money while running for office, a violation of federal law."

Story here.

Idiots in Johnson County elected him to office any-damn-way.


The current story makes total sense now. 

Coxsucker giving the Feds a reach-around...


  1. So, why is that garbage still stinking up our country?

    1. I dunno, but Johnson County is due south of Indianapolis, and it is about half suburb and half rural/farms. Mostly white, it has a history and reputation of being red-necky/conservative...not that there's anything wrong with that.

      I suspect the voters...if they don't forget...will throw the bum out.

  2. I have passed this round to some folks I know in Indiana who had no idea about this guy and his broad mouthed Stalin fetish. Certainly falls into line with the rest of the bullshit going down in both your backyard and mine.

    Love the sign, I may have to borrow that if permission is granted.

    And hi from Amsterdam! o/

  3. Zoomie, you need to run for sheriff, hell, I will move to Indiana and work for you.

    1. Too many skeletons in my closet, I don't like rules much, and my days of wearing a government issued costume are long in the past.

      But thanks for your vote of confidence!

    2. Are you kidding, skeletons don't matter to a politician. Who said anything about wearing a uniform? Just leave the deputies in place you can trust and You I and who ever else you trust to help will just walk around in plain clothes with a two by four and a 1911 and straighten shit out common sense style.

  4. I do believe you are fast becoming the most famous man on the "Intardnet" I have some artwork for you to peruse. Of course I am just a rank amateur,but you may enjoy it. It is at the bottom of the page. Regards.

    1. I don't know about being famous...
      This shit-hole only gets 200 or less hits a day unless the big boys like WRSA, Kerodin, Knuckle-Cutter, KISS, or Free North Carolina link back to me.

      Otherwise, it's pretty much crickets around here, my brother.

      Thanks for the kudos anyway...

  5. You famous, Chiefie.

    And we love you.

    Big time.

    In a totally manly way, of course.


    your peeps

  6. Ok... But this doesn't mean we're gonna be takin' warm showers together.


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