Friday, October 26, 2012

ATTENTION INDIANA VOTERS! Don't Miss Your Chance To Rid Your State Of This Supreme Court Justice!

I don't normally do copy-and-paste of other people's shit, but this is too important to NOT post.

From The Indianapolis Tea Party:

For hundreds of years, your home WAS YOUR castle.  That all changed on May 12, 2011.

May 12, 2011, the Indiana Supreme Court ruled in Barnes v. Indiana which overturned the common law provision known as the Castle Doctrine.  Justice Steven David wrote, "We hold that there is no right to reasonably resist unlawful entry by police officers."

June 27, 2011, Indiana Attorney General Greg Zoeller filed a legal brief, asking the Indiana Supreme Court to reconsider.  Then, on September 20, 2011, the Indiana Supreme Court re-heard the Barnes v. Indiana and reaffirmed their earlier ruling - with Justice Steven David again affirming the earlier ruling.  It was a 4-1 decision.  Justice Rucker was the lone judge to dissent.
Legislators got busy in the next legislation session to correct this ruling, and on March 20, 2012, SB1 was passed.
As a result of Justice Steven David's opinion on May 12, 2011, your home IS NO LONGER your castle.  The Castle Doctrine was eliminated with this ruling.  The important thing to note when the Castle Doctrine was struck down is that the home is no longer primary - the most important thing.

Instead, gov't is primary, at the expense of the family.
One of the main reasons to continue the MY HOUSE campaign is to notify folks that Judge Steven David who wrote the decision that took away our rights is up for retention.  Because he was recently appointed by Gov. Daniels, he comes before 'We the People' to hire or to let him go.  If Hon. David gets the majority votes for retention, he will not be up for retention vote for another 10 years.

There has been a shift on the Indiana Supreme Court bench.  When the case was reheard in September, the Supreme Court came to the same ruling.  The 2nd time around, however, there was only 1 dissenting judge (in May there were 2 dissenting judges).
In the words of James Madison, "then as the last resort a remedy must be obtained from the people who can, by the election of more faithful representatives, annul the acts of the usurpers."   Publius (James Madison), Federalist Paper No. 44.

In a Republic form of government, VOTING is #1.
This is how 'We the People' decide if a representative, judge, etc has been faithful to their Oath....or if we need to find someone else that will be more faithful.

The Indiana Supreme Court made a ruling, 2 times, with the same result ~ Our freedoms being stripped away.

'We the People' can right the wrong ruling by electing a more faithful representative.  Also, something very important to note.....what if we didn't have the legislators that would have righted the wrong ruling?  Then, where would we be?  What if in the future Justice Steven David would make another ruling that goes against 'We the People' and we don't have legislators that step up to the plate and do the right thing?  'We the People' wouldn't have another chance to annul the acts of the usurpers until the next retention vote.

This November 6, 2012, Justice Steven David is up for retention.  Hoosiers hold the key whether Justice Steven David stays or goes.
Is Justice Steven David a judge Hoosiers want on the Indiana Supreme Court?

Vote this November 6th!


Buh bye, fuck-face!  Judge Steven H. David.

This treasonous, oath-breaking swine needs to go most ricky-tick.

Be sure to flip over your ballot on Election Day, November 6th, and send this bastard home.

VOTE NO !!!!! 


Here's what the back of your ballot looks like, and the box where you chose whether or not to retain Justice Steven H. David.

BTW...please note that the lone dissenting judge in the re-hearing, Robert D. Rucker, is also up for a retention vote.

My guess is that he is good people, so I'm gonna vote to retain him.

Of do what you want regarding the entire matter.

It's a free country.

For now.


I just wanted to draw your attention to this, because folks were plenty pissed off when this decision went down May of 2011...but lots of time has passed and sometimes we forget.



Tuesday, October 23, 2012

More Tales From The Road: Update With Video! Holy Fuck!

As most of you readily know, I drive a semi-truck for a living.

I have made that fact abundantly and ponderously clear on many occasions.

My really observant readers…both of you...have probably noted that I am more than little bit grouchy lately.

I have no real good reason for my surlier-than-usual attitude.

I mean…it looks like O’Vomit is gonna get his head kicked in November 6th, positive developments are bubbling to the surface on the personal employment scene (more on this later), I and my family are healthy, the sun is shining, the birds are buzzing, and the bees are chirping.

And who could forget that I recently had an “illuminating” experience with local law enforcement?

What the hell do I have to bitch about?

Maybe it’s because my eyes are open.

Every day I see metric ass-tons of military hardware heading east on Interstate 70.


We’re done in Iraq. 

Afghanistan is “winding down,” yet I see flat-bed after flat-bed of military trucks, wheeled APCs, and armored Hummers equipped with strange looking satellite dish thingies on top where the gun mount would normally be.

Oddly enough, the gear I've seen looks exactly like this.


Could these dish doo-dads be those screeching sound emitters used to control crowds?  Or, as the above graphic details, an "energy beam" which cooks the skin?  I sure as fuck don’t know.  

Maybe I should consult Alex Jones.

Where is all this military hardware going?

The east coast…where huge numbers of the recipient class reside…folks who will be displeased when the government tit gets shut off?  Folks who may riot when O’Vomit loses the election?

I’ll be rolled in crackers if I know, but surely all this gear isn’t still being sent overseas…is it?

Another interesting observation from the road is some goings-on at the scale house on I-70 in Richmond, Indiana.

I roll through this “chicken coop” every day, and I keep a close eye out for FEMA/DHS thuggery.

This week things seemed to be ratcheting up there.

New cameras and sensors popping up all over the place, and Friday morning I saw a festive circus tent set up with displays and throngs of interested government agents milling about.

Hell…they even had a big rig parked there as part of the demonstration, and the truck was donated by a treasonous trucking company!  (I don’t recall the name of the truck line.  I’m getting old and feeble, and I can collect only so much intel as I carefully roll over the scales.  Sorry.)

Later that day, I heard this news report on a local radio station:

“State officials today unveiled what they call cutting-edge technology designed to revolutionize truck inspections across Indiana.

Department of Revenue Spokesman Bob Dittmer says the technology is still in the pilot phase. They're trying it out at the Richmond Inspection Facility on Interstate 70. Dittmer says the goal is to make highways safer in Indiana, Ohio and Illinois. He says the state unveiled two technologies in cooperation with Help Inc.

He says the first technology allows inspection stations to electronically get information directly from trucks about a mile before they hit inspection stations. Dittmer says the other technology is called "360 Smart View." It's used inside the inspection station. The technology takes photos of license plates and the vehicle certification information pops up on a computer screen in the station. Dittmer says the technology means truck inspection stops will last seconds compared to minutes.

Dittmer anticipates the technology could be installed at inspection stations across the state. He says they also believe the technology could save the state money over time.”

Yeah.  Sure.  It’s all about safety and saving time, fuel, and money.

…and that shit only takes pictures, and those pictures are only shots of the license plate, company name, and DOT numbers of commercial vehicles.


Lookie here, government ass-bags.  I neither want nor need you to baby-sit me or spy on me.  

Fuck you very much.

I believe that gear is gathering info on EVERBODY.  Not just commercial vehicles.

By the way…a great big hearty FUCK YOU to Help Inc as well.

They are the slimy assholes that provided the technology to the Richmond scale house.

For fucking FREE!

It didn’t cost the state of Indiana a fucking dime.

This time.

Isn’t that special?

Yeah…it’s all about safety, dontcha know.

Nice work, shit-heads…

Sell your fucking soul to the state of Indiana.

Maybe the state will be so impressed with your spy technology that you will get a huge government contract and your shit will be hanging from every lamppost in Indiana.


So yesterday I drove through the Richmond area and dully noted the new spy gear lovingly installed by Help Inc.  (I’ll try to take pics and video next time.)

As I rolled underneath the cameras and sensors on my way to the weigh station, I gave them a spirited double-fingered horizontal salute that would have looked a little something like this.

Don’t worry.

I still had my hands at 10 and 2.

It’s all about safety, dontcha know.


Thursday, October 18, 2012

A Great Big Hearty “FUCK YOU” To One Member Of The Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department

So there I was.

Zero-Dark-Thirty this morning.

In my big rig on I-70, downtown Indianapolis, raining, dark, 5 lanes heading east.

Doing like Ben Franklin said...minding my business.

I’m in the middle lane going about 57mph in a left-curving portion of the interstate.

The posted speed limit is 55mph.

(I am a rebel.)

There is a six-foot tall concrete dividing wall separating the eastbound side from the westbound side.

Ahead of me in my lane I see a Conway doubles rig putting along at about 50mph.

I kick on my left blinker, check my mirrors and see nothing behind me to my left, and proceed to move around the Conway rig.

About halfway through my maneuver, I see a set of headlights in my mirror suddenly appear around the divider wall in the lane to which I’ve almost completely moved.

I realize there’s no sense in trying the whip back over to the lane I was in, seeing as I would have had to lean into the binders pretty hard on wet pavement to miss Conway…and homie wasn’t about to do that…and the speeding headlights I saw still had one other lane to my left to safely get around me.

But he was closing the gap very quickly.

Too quickly, especially for the conditions.

So I gassed it a little more to get around Conway and create some space between Speed Racer and myself, and as the speeding car now in the far left lane got closer, he kicked on his high beams…and his driver’s side door pillar spotlight!

It was a fucking cop!

IMPD’s finest.

As the cop overtook me and passed me, he adjusted his spotlight so that it constantly shined directly into my driver’s side mirrors.

When he was at a position to where he could no longer shine his spotlight into my mirrors, he adjusted his spotlight again so that it shined directly into my face!

Nice professionalism, Porky.

Motherfucking pig had to be going 65mph in a 55mph zone…at night in the rain…got all road-raged because a mere mundane dared to impede his forward progress, and he decided to play flashlight tag with a fucking semi!

Let me give you a little tip, you worthless fucking scrote.

If you’re in such a big fucking hurry because you are on an emergency run, turn on your god damned disco lights.

I would have seen their reflection long before I saw your headlights, and I would have given you the space you apparently so desperately needed.

You didn’t turn on your disco lights because you were not on an emergency run.

You acted like a complete asshole because:

-The hot light at Krispey Kreme was on.

-It was the end of your shift, and you were in a hurry to get home to shoot your dog and beat your wife.

-You and yours operate by one set of rules…doing whatever the fuck you want…while we peasants must operate by another.

And another thing…if my driving errors were so egregious to the extent that you felt it necessary to fuck with me, why the hell didn’t you pull me over and cite me?

I’ll tell you why.

It’s because you are a lazy fucking coward.

You didn’t want to get out of your car and get wet, but you wanted to show your ass and prove to a hard-working taxpayer just who the fuck was in charge.

Fuck you, pal.

I wasn’t intimidated.

I didn't piss my pants.

I wasn’t scared of you. 

I didn't slow down either. 

I wasn’t impressed, and I showed you who was the bigger man by not retaliating in kind.

I didn't brake check you, swerve at you, flash my high beams at you, or honk my horn at you because I am an adult and a man.

You cannot say the same because you are a punk with a badge. 

I wish you had pulled me over.

I wish you had cited me.

You’d have gotten a fucking earful.

I god damn guarantee it.

And you would have seen me in court also.

That I god damn guarantee as well.

Let me tell you something else, fuck-face.

There’s a whole lotta law-abiding motherfuckers out here who are tired of your shit.

Yet, you and yours cry and bitch about not getting any respect or courtesy.

That shit is a two-way street.

You get what you give.

One of these nights, you may get your tit caught in a wringer, and the only motherfucker out there at that time of night to lend you a hand in a timely manner just might be me or another cat like me.

We might help you.

We might not.

It’s pretty much up to you.

Fuck you anyway.



Paul Johnson


Monday, October 15, 2012

Movies You Might Enjoy

As I have said on many occasions, life is too short for bad cinema. 

I have obviously spent an inordinate amount of time recently watching movies on Netflix. order to save my valuable readers (both of you) time and regrets, I've narrowed it down a little.

The following are a few flicks which stand out in my sick twisted opinion.

I start with the Netflix overview, then I give my thoughts and a clip of the movie.



My Way- This fact-based wartime drama follows two young men, one Korean and one Japanese, whose athletic rivalry ends with the start of World War II. Captured by the Soviets, both men escape but are separated, only to meet again in the D-Day invasion.

The Koreans seem to be putting out some cool flicks.  This one rocks!  The combat scenes are epic and brutal, and the realistic special effects are on par with anything Hollywood can dish out.  Subtitles, of course, but the shit these guys go through makes it worth watching.  You'll be satisfyingly exhausted after seeing this movie.

Dead Snow- A group of Norwegian friends get the scariest history lesson of their lives during a weekend getaway to the snowy town of Øksfjord, where the party is interrupted by throngs of Nazi zombies who once occupied the area. Armed with a machine-gun-equipped snowmobile, the gang fights for survival in director Tommy Wirkola's quirky horror, shot on location in the mountains of Norway. The film had its U.S. premiere at the 2009 Sundance Film Festival.

I don't normally dig zombie movies, but this one was pretty good.  Dark and humorous.  Again, subtitled, but who cares?  You have zombie SS soldiers getting whacked, humans being eviscerated, skulls split open by hand, and brains being eaten. What's not to like?

The Grey- After narrowly surviving a deadly plane crash in the Alaskan wilderness, a band of oil riggers must fend for their lives in the ice and snow. But thanks to wolves that view their presence as a threat, they aren't alone.

This was pretty fucking intense.  I've always enjoyed cold-weather survival stories ever since I read Jack London's "To Build A Fire" way back in junior high school.  You will jump outta your seat and shit yourself during this flick, and this movie will make you want to carry nothing less than a bazooka when on walk-about where wolves might exist.

The Front Line- When a South Korean commander is killed by a friendly bullet during a cease fire, investigator Kang Eun-Pyo's trail leads him to a remote hill region. There, a once-meek 20-year-old and his small company seem to be fighting a different war.

Another great piece of cinema from Korea.  Subtitles, but you will hardly notice.  Fantastic combat scenes with lots of M1 Garands and some Mosin/Nagant sniper stuff.  The futility and stupidity of war personified...

Play Dirty- Tasked with leading a band of dangerous mercenaries into the African desert to destroy German fuel reserves during World War II, inexperienced British army Capt. Douglas (Michael Caine) must contend with a cantankerous veteran colonel (Nigel Green), an argumentative ex-convict (Nigel Davenport) and a traitorous brigadier (Harry Andrews). Directed by André De Toth, this action-packed war drama co-stars Daniel Pilon and Patrick Jordan.

An oldie but a goodie.  Classic British cinema with proper English usage and pronunciation coupled with typical UK cynicism and skullduggery.  A perfect example of why I love the Brits...charming as they slit your throat.  The buggers...

Hell On Wheels- Former Confederate soldier Cullen Bohannon seeks his wife's killer as post-Civil War America struggles to rebuild its identity. His quest traverses the history of Reconstruction, peopled with railroad bosses, emancipated slaves and immigrants.

A very well-done mini-series.  Lots of violence, revenge, and big-bore black powder mayhem. A few bits of probably unrealistic PCism, but overall not detracting from the totality of the series.  Watch all of the episodes and await patiently for the next season.  Hopefully.

The Devil's Double- Dominic Cooper stars as Uday Hussein -- Saddam Hussein's depraved, decadent elder son -- and as Latif Yahia, the army lieutenant forcibly drafted to be his body double, in this drama based on Yahia's autobiographical novel.

Damn.  Some serious violence here, and not for the squeamish.  Great story.  What a shit-hole Iraq was/is.  Almost makes me think the 2003 invasion was worth it after all.  Almost.  I found myself wanting to see a recreation of the demise of Saddam's sons, but it doesn't happen in this movie.  Watch it anyway.

Dead Man's Shoes- Richard comes home from the army bent on revenge against the local gang of dealers and thugs that brutalized his mentally disabled brother, Anthony. Richard terrorizes the bullies, who begin to turn on one another as he eliminates them one by one.

Holy shit!  A fantastic story of creative revenge, only possible by the sick twisted and evil genius Brits.  That's why I love 'em.  The cunts.

He Was A Quiet Man- Cubicle worker Bob is a resentful outsider who's started carrying a gun in case he gets the courage to use it on some of his co-workers. But when one of those co-workers starts shooting, Bob guns him down and becomes an inadvertent hero.

We've all been there.  Maybe.

To End All Wars- Inspired by real-life events, this drama explores the experiences of Capt. Ernest Gordon and other Japanese prisoners of war enlisted to build the Railroad of Death. As the men struggle to maintain their sanity and will, they begin to drift apart.

A modern "Bridge Over The River Kwai."  Jack Bauer gets the shit beaten out of him numerous times.  This movie will make you wanna nuke Hiroshima and Nagasaki all over again, but Japan said they were sorry...and we are all bestest buddies I guess we'll forget all about it.

The Veteran- When he returns home from Afghanistan, troubled vet Robert Miller finds himself embroiled in another war in his violence-ridden housing complex. Soon, he becomes fixated on taking down brutal gangsters who may have ties to a suspected terrorist cell.

Another Brit revenge scenario...kinda like "Death Wish," only more graphic, and Paul Kersey gets "slotted" in this one, but not before he does a one-man frontal assault right straight-the-fuck through a UK ghetto.  Good drills, mate!

White Irish Drinkers- In a blue-collar Irish section of 1970s Brooklyn, brothers Danny (Geoff Wigdor) and Brian Leary (Nick Thurston) come of age in a family dominated by their longshoreman father, Patrick (Stephen Lang), whose hard-drinking leaves them scrambling for a way out. As delinquent Danny and dejected mom Margaret (Karen Allen) take the brunt of Patrick's assaults, aspiring artist Brian hides his dreams. But desperate acts will threaten them all.

I love flicks like this.  Drunk, violent, crazy motherfuckers getting into shit way over their heads.  You will thank the good Lord you are not prickish like some of the characters in this movie. Interesting soundtrack too.

Rise Of The Footsoldier- Football hooligan Carlton Leach's reputation for violence wins him a position as a foot soldier in the feared Inter City Firm gang, where he eventually rises to become one of the most powerful crime lords in England.

Fuck me if I don't love movies depicting the Brits as constant drinking brawling assholes who take no shit and start it at the drop of a hat.  God bless 'em!  Sometimes I think this world could use more of them.  Or not...

Jerry And Tom- Easygoing family man Tom (Joe Mantegna) -- used-car salesman by day, mob enforcer by night -- shows his brash co-worker Jerry (Sam Rockwell) the ropes of contract killing. Soon the young apprentice not only gets the hang of it but begins to enjoy killing strangers for money. For his directorial debut, Saul Rubinek assembled a formidable supporting cast that includes William H. Macy, Ted Danson and Charles Durning.

An oldie, but I had never seen it before.  Great cast.  Dark and funny.  Creative (and non-chalant) methods of clipping a fool are depicted here.  All I could find on YouTubes was a foreign language clip, but here is a link to an English version.