Monday, September 17, 2012

Mosin Nagant 91/30 Front Barrel Band: Who's Got One In Their Pocket? Now With Video Update! Wow!

How one little hunk of Soviet steel can whip the capitalist dog's ass


I fucked up.

I bought a Mosin/Nagant (1943 Izzy) a while back thinking it would be cool to put an ATI synthetic stock on it.

Now...some ATI synthetic stock users say it's a simple drop-in for Mosins, some say not so much.

And to be fair, ATI clearly states in their advertising that some fitting may be required.

In my case, some fitting was required...and some fucking skills on my part were definitely required...and unfortunately, not present.

I'm neither a woodworker nor a detail man.  Nor am I  patient.  If I can't fix shit with a wrench or a 12 lb. sledgehammer, I'm lost.

Anyhoo...when I took the wood furniture off my Mosin, I had to take off both barrel rings.

The rear-most ring is larger than the front, and it easily slides over the front sight and off the rifle.  

The front ring is too small to fit over the front sight without using some kinda spreader tool.

(Or, one can remove the front sight.  Yeah...right!  I knew for a fact I would fuck THAT up royal and end up needing the services of a gunsmith to fix all the damage, costing me more than the rifle was worth.  No dice.) 

Well...I figured I wasn't gonna need that front barrel ring again seeing as my Mosin was gonna drop into my new ATI stock like buttered shit through a goose no problemo.  


So what does fuck-head Zoomie do?  

He takes his trusty set of bolt cutters and zaps that Commie piece of spring steel in about half-a-second.  


That shit flies off the rifle and across the garage...destroyed and useless forever.  

Mr. Persuasion. my little friend.  Come to Papa!

Guess what?  

My Mosin was not a drop-in.  In fact, I fitted that motherfucker a motherfucker!  I fitted that shit so much that I fitted too much.  

I had a pile of plastic shavings 2 inches deep on my workbench.  I butchered that piece of synthetic to the point that I was embarrassed at myself. 

Through a series of hidden washers and other dirty tricks, I managed to get the Mosin into the stock so it looks presentable to the untrained eye and seems to function check properly.  

The Mosin moves up and down a little bit inside the stock, though.  

I am not happy, and my happiness is of paramount importance.

I am so unhappy I have never even fired the thing.

A stock ruined, and $80 pissed away.


Looks good, don't it?

Now...I can live with a lot of "engineered" stuff in my life.  God knows I do, because I am a cheap bastard.  

But not a jury-rigged firearm.  

I can't deal with that.

This is the kinda shit that keeps me up at night.

Yes.  I have issues.

So...I have decided I'm gonna cut my losses, assemble a usable/reliable weapon, and convert my Mosin back to its original, shoulder-fracturing configuration.  I will strip and refinish the wood and make it beautiful like I did my sons' Mosins.

Guess who needs a front barrel band now?


I have located a couple of intardnets sources...six bucks and I'm golden.

Time to break out the Visa card.



To conclude...let this be a lesson to you all.  

Learn from my mistakes.

Know your limitations.

Don't be a dumb-ass. 

You're welcome.

This will be me soon.  Fuck yeah!

Yes. I know I sound like a Hoosier hill-rod.

Sue me.

It is finished!

Thanks to for the prompt service.

"Special Dark"....far left, and some of her relatives.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Nephew Returns To The Land Of The Great PX From Asscrackistan!

He is in the great state of Texas now.

We are all very happy and thankful for his safe return.

Thanks for the prayers and support.

There will be epic parties with booze and guns and drugs and cops and hookers and fire trucks.