Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Crazy Good?

I've noticed that whenever a trucking company has a slogan emblazoned on their equipment touting how awesome they

"Destination Excellence"
"All We Care About Is You And Your Babies And Kittens And Puppies"
"We Kick Ass"
"We Are Safe As Fuck"

... the truth is usually the direct opposite of said slogan. 

This clown was sooooo "Crazy Good" he rode the ass of the old lady in the Prius for three miles! 

I loves my job, and your safety and convenience is of the utmost importance to me.


CCCP My Ass!

Seen on the road recently. 


What's next?  ISIS Trucking?  NAZI Motor Freight Lines?

I hailed the driver on the CB to get an explanation, but got no response.

This Bolshevik didn't even have a CB antenna...

I'm OK with Russians. In fact, I admire the silly rough-neck bastards. It's the whole Soviet Union/CCCP/Gulag commie thing I have a problem with. I wanted to ask him, "If the Soviet Union was so great, why are you here in the evil capitalist USA? Oh...that's right. The Soviet Union collapsed and doesn't EXIST any more!"

I think most Americans see the hammer and sickle as some sort of cool design they've seen college pukes waving or wearing on Che Guevara shirts, and have no idea what has been done in its name. To me, it's no different than a Nazi swastika.