Friday, October 25, 2013

Art And Shit...

I know.

Both of my fans are asking, "Where the fuck you been, asshole?"

I've been busy working mega-hours so that the Free Shit Army can get theirs.

Had a colonoscopy today...not because I'm having any problems...but because I'm ancient and 50 and I wanna grow even older and watch my kids kick some ass, and I also wanted to get this shit done before O'Vomit completely destroys our once best-in-the-world healthcare system and I had to do it myself with a coat hanger and my iPhone camera in my garage.

Or something...

Anyhoo...the Night Of A Thousand Waterfalls was interesting, and the test came up good because I studied hard.

My innards are nice and pink and error-free and look just like the insides of a brand new garden hose, apparently, so I'm good to go for another 50 years.


The above graphic was inspired by the words of commenter Lt. Greyman, NVA over at Western Rifle Shooters, and it rocked so hard I had to steal it and use it somehow.

I think that maybe if you set your screen background to black and use this as your wallpaper it might look kinda cool.

Or not.

As usual, you can use it in any way you want, and you can make suggestions for possible future edit considerations.

Or T-shirts... 

Of various kinds...

It don't confront me none.

Fuck Obama, BTW...

Yes.  I know I suck and I am a FOCK and all I am doing is looking to defraud you and take your money and maybe get sued for something a little further on down the road.


What's maybe a little bit interesting is that in the last month or so I have been taking care of some preventative and/or neglected medical matters because of the looming destruction of the American healthcare industry.

Eye exam, complete physical, and the now successfully completed colonoscopy. 

During all these interactions with members of the medical community, I have made it a point to bring up O'Vomit Care and to ask how it is impacting their profession.

In every instance...from receptionists, nurses, doctors, and surgeons...I have heard nothing but hate and discontent.

Tons of new paperwork, layoffs, downsizing, decreased revenue...

These folks are fucking pissed, and not one of them has acted offended when I talk my usual treason and sedition.