Friday, December 8, 2017

Ordered A New Toy And My Plans: AR15 Shennanigans

There I was out there a few weeks ago with my sons firing guns and being a nuisance.  Had a great time firing my slightly personalized Smith&Wesson MP15 Sport 2.  She ran great and I was pleased, but now I have the urge to tinker and fiddle-fuck around and do an erector set thing to it.

The following is what I've decided to do. I'll explain my decisions and give links to manufacturers' websites and approximate retail prices.  Keep in mind one can usually find all this shit at Amazon for less than MSRP.

(Also keep in mind than I am a cheap, dumb, broke, bastard with a little birfday card money in my pocket. Birfday card money ain't got no home.)

Did a little research and found this gem from Rock River Arms and couldn't pass it up.  GI front sling swivel 'cuz I loves me a GI web sling, mid-length gas system, gas block rail on same plain as receiver rail, and comes with bolt carrier group and charging handle! 

Hell yes!  I'll pin this bad boy to my existing Smith&Wesson lower, get me some glass and go Commie hunting!

First things first...I'd better get some back up iron sights and some other shit to dress up my new whore, so here it goes.

It's Magpul and it's some kinda steel/aluminum which is what I need seeing as it will mount on my hot gas block and won't melt like their plastic offerings.  It's pricey and gets great reviews, but is cheaper than other name brands.  


Here's the rear sight I've chosen.  It's Magpul's plastic version, but it'll work with the front sight I've picked, and it's a helluva lot cheaper than their metal rear sight.  I currently have one on my S&W AR, and it's good-to-go.

MBUS Sight-Rear

Nikon glass.  Good reviews, and won't break the bank.  Not high speed, but neither am I.  Get some!


NIKON P-223 3-9x40 BDC 600


Nikon scope mount.  Simple, rugged, good reviews, and affordable.  I ain't invading Fallujah.  Why pay more?


NIKON M-223 Mount


I don't like quad-rails, and I ain't free-floatin' shit (for now), so it's Magpul mid-length MOE handguard because the stock guards blow.  Mid-length because of the mid-length gas system, and MOE because Magpul's SL line deletes the use of the sling swivel...and I ain't havin' that.  I have the carbine size MOE handguard on my S&W upper and it rocks!


MOE® M-LOK® Hand Guard, Mid-Length – AR15/M4


Magpul's M-Lok bipod adapter.  I think it's aluminum.  I know it ain't plastic.  Stupid expensive for what it is, but it's bullet proof and it works. I use it on my S&W AR.


M-LOK® Bipod Mount M-LOK Slot System

Harris bipod, motherfucker!  Damn thing kicks ass and is American-made. (In fact everything on this list is US-made except for the NIKON shit. Sorry.) Connects to the above Magpul thingy and is rock solid.  This one is the 9-12 inch.  I have one now and it's a 6-9 inch.  Longer is always better.  That's what she said, anyways.


HBLM Harris Bipod Extends from 9" to 13" notched legs


Grand total for all this faggotry (minus the upper) is roughly $531??

Including the upper it's $856!

Holy fuck, I'm an asshole. I could buy a complete rifle for that.  

What the fuck am I thinking?

Well...I'm thinking I'm not gonna buy all this shit at once.  I'll get the back up irons and go shooting, and then add on a little here and there until I get this bitch completely the way I want it.

A little judicious shopping and research and I'll save quite a bit.

As I get each piece of kit, I'll test it and give you my thoughts.  I'm sure you'll be waiting in breathless anticipation for THAT! 

What say you about this entire mess?  Feel free to comment below.