Saturday, November 16, 2013

Saturday Is Request Day Art? WTF?

What am I to you people?  

Some kinda performing monkey that jumps whenever you fucking call?

Go fuck yourselves with a rusty farm implement.

Actually, I'm feeling all smug and sure of myself after doing a pad, rotor, and tire slap on the family truckster.

And, I chugged a big ol' beer on an empty stomach so now I'm loopy and feeling creative.

So here you go.


Feel the terror and the murder and the mayhem and the thuggery!

Monday, November 11, 2013

Every Day Is "Don't Fuck With Veterans Day"

Random thoughts and happenings banging around my brain housing group the last few weeks:

I was on the Marine-tard-net (USMC message board) recently where folks were commenting on police behaving badly.

This message board is a place where I'd say half the members are government statists or supporters of same, the other half are 3% patriots, and all are Marine Corps or Navy veterans.

One comment really stuck with me.  I will paraphrase as follows:

"Law enforcement really has a problem when older white veterans begin to question their methods and tactics."


Which brings me to this.

I'm sure we all remember the other day when the story broke about the New Mexico cops who pretty much ass-raped a dude for blowing through a stop sign.

The story made me think about stuff...

These pigs musta sedated this dude or knocked him the fuck out and chained him down, 'cuz there ain't no fucking way I'd put up with that shit.

I woulda chewed through my restraints and clawed a fool's neck open once the butt play began.

But I'm a tuff guy like that...

A commenter at one of the news sites reporting the story said something to the effect of:

"This shit has been happening for 30 years or more (to brown and black skinned people).  And now...when it starts happening with regularity to white folks, you motherfuckers lose your fucking minds and are ready to kit up and kick ass.  Welcome to the party, pal.  Where you been at?"

This is valid, I think.

We didn't really give a fuck as long as the string of abuses was happening to somebody else.


Last night I was explaining to my co-worker in Cincinnati that a trailer turn signal malfunction was why I was late.

I had to get that shit fixed because I don't like not having indicators even though most assholes on the road don't pay attention to them any way.

My Ohio friend said, "Yeah...and the cops don't like it much either."

I replied, "Fuck tha police."

The Buckeye replied, "OH...we gonna go all NWA up in here?"

I said, "Fuck yes we are.  You know...back in the day we all thought NWA were awful and terrible and scary and wrong and hurtful.  Now that white guys are getting fucked with too, we know now NWA was right all along." 

Whoulda thunk it?


Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Art? Lol! WTF? Get It?

I think even Mike Vandenberg can see the humour in this last one.  

Feel free to use any of these as your heart desires.  Hell, I stole some of the major design elements, so what do I care if you use them?  

Sue me.