Wednesday, December 21, 2022

Mirror Removal Machine


Somebody ran out of talent and crashed, causing a huge backup. As we're crawling along, Billy BigRigger to my right fails to maintain his lane and takes off the mirror of a Chevy SUV in the lane to his right.

Monday, December 19, 2022

4-Wheeler Dumb Asses and Other Flakey Behavior

 Typical oblivious 4-wheeler action!

Grove Transportation Drone Pilot

 I noticed this clown camping in the left lane for 20 miles. By the time he got to me, he droned beside me for six minutes or more. The only reason he completed the pass was because I backed out of it, and then he nearly took my hood off when he came over so close on me. I was minding my own business and doing everything I was supposed to do. If I have to "help" you pass me, you are doing it wrong. Do I need to "help" you park it too? A pass should be initiated only if it can be completed in a safe AND timely manner. If I have to slow down 5mph in order for you to do so, you are doing it wrong.

Brain Fade

 The first clip..."professional" driver in a bobtail with no tail-lights fades into the rainy night. Ten miles up the road I'm pretty sure I saw him upside down in a water-filled ditch with emergency personnel checking on him. The second clip...the usual boneheaded 4-wheeler doing boneheaded stuff...passing me on the right shoulder.

Parade Of Tards

 Tards on parade. First clip...old feller put it in the water-filled ditch like a boss. Lookin' real stupid there, buddy. Second clip...drywall truck changes lanes with no signal. Four-wheelers lose their damned minds, pass me on all sides, cut me off, tailgate, and almost take each other out. A banner day!

Chicago 4-Wheeler Suicide Exit

 Is everybody high on legal weed in Chicago? Either that, or has played WAY too much Grand Theft Auto. Or both...

Hey Z-Line! That's Not How You're Supposed To Do It!

 I was positioned to make my exit, and I was safely pacing behind a slow Amazon rig. The Z-Line tanker driver had been tailgating me for a couple of miles. I signaled to change to the dual exit lane, as did Amazon. Z-Line was on my bumper as I made my move. I stayed in the left exit lane as Amazon moved over to the right exit lane. As I increased speed to pass Amazon, Z-Line whipped around me and accelerated past me in the right lane...tailgating Amazon. In order to avoid a possible incident, I got off the throttle and allowed the raging Z-Line driver to have his way around me and Amazon. I got on the CB and expressed my displeasure with Z-Line's childish and unprofessional behavior. Notice how quickly he understood the "dumb fuck" I was referring to was him! Lol!

Chicago Container Drivers Gone Wild!

 These two clowns were out of control. Unfortunately, I can't make out the carrier name. I would send them a nasty-gram! If anyone knows the carrier, please mention it in the comments.

Knight Transportation Fail

 Dangerous, careless, and irresponsible action by one of Knight's finest. Instead of accelerating on the shoulder to get up to speed, he pulled into busy interstate traffic lane from a dead stop from the shoulder. Rest area was 1 mile away. Nearly caused a pileup with other drivers frantically getting out of his way. I-65 southbound near mile marker 198, Indiana.

Drivin' and Cryin'

A collection of shenanigans from 4-wheelers and "professional" big truck operators tailgating and making other poor decisions.  Because of the wide angle lens, objects are closer than they appear.