Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Broadcast Legends

I heard this yesterday evening while driving through Cincinnati...

700 WLW radio in Cincinnati and these two statist badge polishers again..."Eddie and Tracy"

Radio people are very strange.  Ask me how I know.

Link to audio podcast download thingy...

Listen to the shit they say and what the cop says....starting at about the 5:26 mark until the 10 minute mark.

Ignore the rest. 

It is radio pablum.

I don't know who the fuck Eddie is...probably just some everyday radio hack microphone puker, and Tracy is some washed-up has-been former Cincinnati Reds baseball player.

Both of these two douche-cannons just can't get enough of cops and cameras and "protection."

These two holster-sniffers make me want to puke. 

How many cops and cameras do they need to make them feel "safe?"

One of each on every street corner? 

In every home?

"It's nothing new. Everybody's doing it."

Rather like Buchenwald and, "I was just following orders."

Way to go, Ohio.


Some of you might be saying, "Zoomie!  If you hate these two DJs so much, why do you listen?"

Well...I'll tell you.

700 WLW is a great and powerful and iconic radio station with excellent news/weather/traffic reports. 

Why these two mouth-breathers sully their airwaves, I'll never know.  

As I drive through Cincinnati once or twice a day, 700WLW is most excellent in informing me when dumb-ass buckeyes run out of talent and crash and close roads I need to use. 

That's why I listen.


  1. Now I've heard it all. These guys are filling someone's agenda there is no doubt. Whether or not their sponsors or bosses demand they take this slant, this is small minded, shallow statism at it's most dangerous. It's a shame that they're too fucking fickle to realise what they're doing.

    They are trying to set the 'opprescedent' stage for the masses of Ohio. Let's hope that folks don't swallow their blatant holster sniffing fascism.

    Here in the U.K. we are inundated with surveillance, actually it's a fucking joke. The average Brit is captured at least 350 times a day on SEPARATE closed systems, yes I said separate. Just an indicator of how infiltrated we already are and a worrying glimpse of what you SPAMS can come to expect from the Obamunist camp in the coming months.

    The photo above of the two radio presenters makes me want to hurl up my pancreas. It really wouldn't surprise me if they were 14/88ers too.

    "People willing to trade their freedom for temporary security deserve neither and will lose both." -Benjamin Motherfucking Franklin.

  2. So true and very well-stated as usual, my tea-sipping, scone-nibbling friend.
    Normalization of the police state...

    I'm assuming "14/88ers" has something to do with abnormal sexual perhaps they are mavens of buggery?

    Am I close? :D

    You Brits and your way with words...

    That's why I luvs ya.

    1. You know, I do indeed enjoy a sconefest and I actually do sip my tea. I wish that those stereotypical assumptions were wrong, but this time the shoe fits. Goddamn it.

      We lurve you guys too, and we have a learned respect for what your great nation stands for. We just hope that more Americans wake up to the tyrannical bullshit now happening in the U.S., post haste, before it's too fucking late. RESIST.

      And yes, you very pretty close. :)


  3. Statist Badge Polishers indeed. We know who will be emceeing bingo night at the FEMA Camps.

  4. Walter, For all the holster sniffing, badge polishing, mouth breathers out there, this is what they have to look forward to. ” We have now been driven to madness, poked like rabid animals in a cage . You are unleashing a beast that loves the blood of it’s enemies. We are an enemy that will play sport with your skulls, that will fashion your flesh for our war drums. We will pound our fearsome sound out with your bones. Can you hear the sound? It is getting closer and closer” That was written by my wife.(Don't fuck with a woman's security) These guys do need cameras everywhere because they do have something to fear. Once our women our done fucking them up beyond belief, they still have us to deal with.LOL

  5. Ha! Your betrothed is charming. I understand completely why you married her!

  6. BTW...y'all shoulda heard these two buffoons Thursday evening. There was some kinda feminist protest on the campus of the University of Cincinnati, and these gals had some poster-sized images of their mommy parts.

    The DJs were beside themselves with disgust, saying it was obscene and gross and illegal and these chicks shoulda been arrested and prosecuted for "pandering."

    Christ on a crutch!

    I don't know about y'all, but I think vaginas are beautiful and wonderful. Sure...some might be better than others, but I like to think that they're all good!

    I can't recall a time when I ever experienced a bad one anyways...not that I was ever any kind of woman-slayer or anything...

    Your thoughts?


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