Friday, March 22, 2013

Is This Wrong? Lucky Thirteen: Joe Biden Is A Fucking Idiot

I swear to all that is good and Holy...Joe Biden has got to be the dumbest mother-fucking cunt on the planet.

He is a national embarrassment.

Is there EVER a time when he isn't drunk, stoned, or otherwise completely baked outta his fucking gourd?

The excrement that spews out of his filthy man-pleaser is some of the stupidest shit ever uttered by any human being in the recorded history of mankind. 

This dumb bastard makes George W. Bush look like a rocket surgeon.

I created the above image in his honor. 

(Hope you like it, Joe.)

Well...I didn't really create it.

See...I took an old Soviet-era anti-drinking-and-driving poster (how's THAT for irony on multiple levels?) I found on the intardnets and made it my own and enhanced it and made it even more betterer.

Or something...

Fuck me.

Now I'm starting to sound like Uncle Joe.

I need a drink.


  1. There is little choice but to 'garden slap' this Biden bitch back under the rock from whence he came. Thanks for the morning imagey goodness, great work as always my friend.

    And hi from Brussels. o/

    1. Ah...Belgium...the traditional shortcut for angry, kitted-up Germans on their way to holiday in the west.

      I hear it's beautiful there, especially this time of year.

      Safe travels, my globe-trotting limey friend...

  2. Well, look on the bright side Zoomie, at least in Biden's world when you're mortally wounded you still live, lol. ;)
    Miss V

    1. LOL.... You said it Miss V!

    2. The inmates are in charge of the asylum, that's for sure.:)

  3. If I could invent new swearwords to describe the stupid bastard it still wouldn't matter. You can't fix stupid and fixing "Fucking Stupid" will also never be attained.
    Great post by the way and you clearly didn't swear enough about this retarded cocksucker.

    May he die a miserable painful death at the hands of those his stupidity has affected.

    Erron in upstate , not the shithole city, NY

  4. "Joe Biden has got to be the dumbest mother-fucking cunt on the planet."

    I use the term "numbcunt".

  5. Rumor has it that when Obama lived in Chicago he liked to frequent the bath houses and was "into older
    white guys". Could a man crush be why an idiot like Biden got the job? Just kidding ;-). My guess as to
    why Biden was named is that he is an obvious buffoon. Therefore, there would be no comments about him
    being in charge and giving Obama orders as there were when Bush and Chaney were in office. Also, if Biden
    weren't such a drooling idiot, Obama's misstatements (57 states) no speaking without a teleprompter etc.
    would be much more obvious and difficult to ignore.


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