Monday, October 8, 2007

Look Out MTV! Zoomie Tries To Make Videos!

Real open wheel Indy racing is finished for the year, and I get bored now, sometimes. These facts get my fertilized mind to wandering...thinking up not-so-clever ways to entertain and amuse myself.

So...I found some groovy tunes and threw together a couple of videos using still images which I took, or stole, or borrowed from my old man or other people who are real photographers and probably won't sue me...

Maybe, one day, I'll be rich and famous and I'll be able to afford an actual digital movie camera-type device, then I won't have to use cheesy film-strip junk for my earth-shattering videos! I bet one day MTV, or Spike Lee, or Tony George, or somebody cool like that will hire me to make jaw-dropping videos for them. Maybe.

Anyhoo...this first video is my tribute to Danica Patrick. She is the Princess, and everybody knows that too. This is not a hate video either, so I don't want any hate mail from you all.

That was fun, wasn't it?

This next video will make you smile and leap with joy and will give you the chills. Probably. It is sorta like an ode to the coolness of the Indy 500, and how, even though things change, they remain the same. Pretty much.

Plus ca change
Plus c'est la meme chose

And I don't even speak French...

And here's another outta sight video featuring USAC Champ and Sprint cars from back in the day...

Here is my latest effort. I hope you find it entertaining, or something. It is my tribute to the wrench-turners of motor sports. They are cool and, before now, sorta unsung.

I bet you all want to go out to the driveway and change the oil in your Scion now, that is, if your Gestapo home owner's association will allow it. Please dispose of your waste motor oil products properly.

Here's another one, but it really doesn't have anything to do with anything if you really stop and think about it. I just like the song because it makes me want to break stuff. Probably.

Wasn't that special? Special-ed, maybe...

This next one is a serious and maybe sad video. If you've ever been away from home and family, especially during the holidays, in a place you really didn't want to be, doing something you really didn't want to do but knew you had to, this clip is for you.

Feel free to form your own opinions and meanings on this one. I bet you'll figure something out. Probably.

My daughter performs a solo at her school's Christmas concert...
She's a natural talent. She's 12, and has been playing piano for quite a while. She can read and write music, and has written an original piano piece. She can hear a note and name it every time. She also plays the flute. (I'm trying to get her to play some Jethro Tull)

Her music teacher says my daughter has perfect pitch, whatever that means.

My daughter makes me sick.

This is my tribute to Indy racing legend Milka Duno. It is not a hate video either.

I might make some more of these dumb videos later on if I can think of something.

Or not.

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  1. Zoomie,
    Outstanding videos! Look out MTV and Speed!


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