Thursday, December 15, 2011

Wake The Fuck Up, America!


Well...this bullshit passed the House, and that stuttering, Akita-tongued, treasonous, cocksucker Obama has indicated he will sign it!

What.  The.  Fuck?

I am filled with sadness and anger on this day...the 220th birthday of our Bill Of Rights.

Bury that motherfucker.

It is dead and putrefying.

This is a goddamned funeral.

 Benedict Arnold has a boner

It is unbelievable to me that Republican Indiana Senators Lugar and Coates voted FOR this unconstitutional abomination, while my Representative...Democrat uber-Lib Andre Carson...voted AGAINST it.

I sent Andre Carson a note of thanks.  I don't have a history of sending Mr. Carson pleasant missives.

The world is upside down, my friends.

Pardon me while I go vomit.


You think this shit can't happen again?

If it does, you can bet your ass they won't let you just stroll out of their camps and go back home...that is...if you even still HAVE a home to stroll back to when it's all over...that is...if it ever IS all over.

Maybe you'll get reparations.

Yeah.  Right.

This bill, the National Defense Authorization Act, has already flown through our treasonous Senate and goes to the House next.

It must not pass!

It pretty much puts the USA in a state of perpetual war and makes the USA a battlefield, and allows for all kinds of unsavory un-Constitutional shit to go down with our military gettin' all war-like in places it's not supposed to get all war-like.

All just so we can be safe from terrorists an' shits...

Fuck that noise.

Kiss your rights of a speedy trial, a warrant, and probable cause goodbye.

The Constitution will "mean whatever they say it means."

Oh...and the new law will also make it cool for our guys and gals in uniform to blow goats.  Isn't THAT special?


Don't tell me I don't know what the fuck I'm talking about because I'm just a dumb-ass truck driver either.

I have eyes that see and ears that hear, gawd-dammit.  I know fucked up shit when it is presented to me.  

I can sense that shit, so don't parse words with me and tell me I'm getting fucking hysterical.

Fuck you.  I don't need a lawyer or a degree to know when I'm about to be vigorously ass-raped.

Y'all best be writin' some serious shit to your representatives.

In the meantime, I would stock up if I were you.

Merry Christmas.


  1. Hey! I is another dumb-ass truckdriver too! ;-)
    Really though we get to see everything in our traveling around,and i don't like anything i see OR hear anymore!
    I let my hazards lapse after they changed the rules again years ago. When "real id" is forced on us,i'll be done driving. And that's IF we all make it that far down the hole!
    Great post by the way. I'm with ya all the way.


  2. Thanks, brohedron.

    I've always said a few cranky-assed truck drivers could solve the world's problems in 5 minutes. A quick listen to the CB will tell you all you need to know!

    I've had enough of the steering wheel holding thing, but I gotta feed the kids and buy ammo, so I guess I'm stuck for now.

    Keep the shiny side up and between the ditches...or something like that...

  3. This former truck driver (and with luck will be one again soon) sez AMEN.


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