Monday, July 30, 2012

NASCAR, Indy, and Respect

The NECKCAR turds came-a-calling to my beloved Indianapolis Motor Speedway recently.

Them good ol' boys like to play that they have a deep respect for the Citadel Of Speed.

They wax poetically about their reverence for its history and tradition.

But what they say...and what they actually do...are two completely different things.

It's kinda like this:

Imagine YOUR teen daughter is dating a guy, and while the two of them are sitting in YOUR home...on YOUR YOUR living room...he tells you how much he respects and admires YOUR daughter...all the while having his hand up her skirt.

Knuckle deep.

Jimmy Johnson needs to reconsider parking his sled crossways on MY racetrack with his nose up against MY wall and then doing a disgusting and defiling and desecrating burnout on MY sacred bricks. 

Hey Jimmy.

Your hero and four-time Indy 500 winner Rick Mears never did any shit like you pulled Sunday.

He had too much class.

Fuck Jimmy Johnson.

Fuck Hendrick Motorsports.


Some of you might be saying, "But...but...but...Zoomie!  You are being a classless boob yourself by using coarse language and cussing out the premier NECKCAR team in a public forum.  You are a hypocrite!"



But this is MY house, and I can say whatever the fuck I want here.

You don't like it, you can get the fuck out. 

NECKCAR can do the same fucking thing. 

Stay off MY bricks.



  1. what do you expect from the same douche bag that went to twitter on race morning to bitch about a "cannon" going off at 6am (

    yet another example of how these ass clowns have absolutely NO clue what indy means.

    1. Damn.

      Jimmy Johnson REALLY queered the place up this weekend.

      What a thick cunt...

      Parnelli Jones should kick his ass.

      I don't feel so bad about flipping the bird to JJ's hauler this morning during a brief visit to the west side...

  2. I like Moto GP and F1. Some Indy Car racing. Not a NECKCAR fan. Not at all.

    You did a nice job over at Nurse The Hate. I'm proud of you! :)

  3. Indycar runs Mid-Ohio this weekend. I've been seeing their haulers on I-70 all week. It is a grave injustice that I will not be able to attend the race. I think I will make the effort next year, as open wheel racers on natural terrain road-courses are da bomb. I can think of nothing better than sitting under a tree with a cooler full o' beer watching a road race.

  4. I've spent many an early June weekend at Road America doing just that. Well, AMA weekend... :) I like the bikes.


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