Monday, April 29, 2013

Heroes And Villians And Good Intentions

I have a problem when I hear that cops and/or our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan...or where-ever...are "protecting me" and are "heroes."

I'm afraid I respectfully disagree, but before you accuse me of being an anarchist shit-bag commie, allow me to explain.

Many years ago, I served in the military, but I never felt like a hero.  

I was not a high-speed, low-drag, Teflon-coated, ninja warrior...but I did make myself available for whatever my country asked of me.

My intentions were good.

Following Desert Storm and the election of Bill Clinton, my nagging conscience got the best of me and I got the fuck out.

My eyes started to open, and I wasn't liking what I was seeing

I wanted no part of it, and my new wife didn't either.  She wanted her new husband home to raise a family, not gallivanting around the world participating in specious wars.

As I got older and (somewhat) wiser, I realized I wasn't protecting America or its "freedoms."

All I was doing was insuring the free-flow of oil, arms, and opiates at market prices...and in the process of my nation getting all this important shit done, there certainly seemed to be a shocking amount of national treasure being squandered and an ass-load of our guys and untold numbers of women, kids and seemingly innocent other folks getting whacked and maimed.

Nothing particularly heroic about all that.

Now I'm hearing that there may be cause for American "boots on the ground" in Syria because one side or the other has chemical weapons...and...who knows...some "terrorists" might get them and commit shenanigans against us and the next pressure cooker bomb will have something other than glass and nails in it.

Yes.  We have heard this before.  Iraq.  WMDs.  Send in the troops.

Fuck you.

War is like abortion.  It is awful, but it should be legal, available, and a rarity. 

I am more wary of my government and its over reaching power than I am of some musloid fuckstain blowing up my local mall. all this shit about heroes and protecting me.

To quote Jim Klein, "They can stop doing that for me."

To quote Dwight Yoakam, "I don't need it done."

There ain't no heroes anymore.

There ain't been for a long, long time.

They all got the fuck outta here. 

Cue Lee Greenwood...

Now...some of you might be saying, "Zoomie!  You are a coward and a pussy and a nutless faggot.  You got out of the military because your wife made you do it and she wears the pants in that family and you were scared of going off to another foreign war.  You will be the first guy to cry and call the cops or wish troops were in the streets when shit gets sporty.  You suck.  Please hurry up and die already!"


That's it.

I am sorry.

Forget I said anything.


  1. Stirrin' the pot again are we ;)

  2. I kinda agree with ya, but there are a few hero's left, and yes its about the oil, I remember after 9/11 how everyone was outraged at sending a bunch of Saudis back to their country in the dead of night, well where's the outrage now???????

  3. It's like the sign says, if you aren't outraged, you aren't paying attention.

  4. Like it or not our citizens in uniform, military and LEO, are our societies protectors. They work 24/7 at home to try to
    keep the gang-bangers from slitting your throat while you sleep at night. They go to some of the worst shit-holes in the
    world to protect our national interest, as you did during Desert Storm, at least thats the theory. Now that we have a
    corrupt regime in charge of our DOJ and DOD, we, honorable citizens, have become the enemy of state. If this turns into another war in the US between ideologies and citizens, we will need the support of our citizen-soldiers, much like the recent deposing of Mubarak happened. The police and military who did not actively support the civilians, did so tacitly. This is not the time to be supporting those who call for shooting Americans who wear a uniform. Its also the time to be doing exactly what you and others are doing, speaking out and trying to educate the uninformed. I like the way Dr. Michael Hill puts it over at FreeNC;
    "But what can you actively do today to stop that “creeping tyranny?” One thing you can do is speak the truth, no matter how uncomfortable it may make you, to your family, friends, and associates. And despite the mainstream media’s blathering to the contrary, there is much truth to be had from alternative sources on the internet and from such publications as the one you are reading now. Spread this information around every chance you get. Put it in competition with the “official story” coming from the government and its propaganda organs. Teach those around you to develop a healthy skepticism."

    1. I hear you, brother.
      I don't want to shoot anybody. Period.
      Shooting somebody is something I've never done.
      Shooting somebody probably sucks.
      A lot.
      I'd much rather be left alone to live freely and in peace.
      That would be cool.

    2. "They work 24/7 at home to try to keep the gang-bangers from slitting your throat while you sleep at night."

      Oh cool, then we can all have it easier. They can stop doing that for me.

      Zoomie, another masterpiece.

  5. ...damn, I thought you were writing a country song... ;)
    Miss V

  6. Walter, I hear YOU brother. Why CAN'T we just be left alone? I don't need any damn welfare or unemployment or farm subsidies or any other govment handout, and I damn sure don't need them protectin me, I can do that myself. All I need the govment to do is make sure mexico don't invade us again, and if mexico does, I will do my share to help out, hell if they will take a 53 year old, I'll join up. Now all that bein said, I've never shot anybody either and I'm sure it would suck in certain situations, but, bein shot by someone else would suck a lot worse!

  7. Amen to the hilt..
    America today has become the imperialist aggressor the commie scumbags presently in power always accused us of being.
    Its time America's best and brightest got back to serving American and got out of the tyrants pocket.

    Yank lll


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