Sunday, January 26, 2014

Get It?

I am in one of my moods.

I am sorry. 

With apologies to Seinfeld's old lady...


  1. You may have been in a mood but you certainly have the right fucking attitude!

  2. Most dangerous job in America, imposing tyranny on free men. It's one thing to sit in your ivory tower and give orders and another entirely to have your ass shot up while setting up your check point. Buckle up kids, looks like it might be getting rough up ahead...

  3. Time was when most Americans HATED being told what to ANYONE.
    Now, it seems most Americans would rather sit on their collective ass and wait for a government goon to shit a decision for them.

    Not THIS American...

  4. We both woke up in the same mood...

  5. You're sorry? why would you apologize for being pissed off? Fuck that. Keep your anger on a slow simmer, you'll be able to dish it out before too long. It won't be pleasant, as we all know, but it's better to stand than kneel when Charon comes calling.

    1. Sometimes when I say, "I'm sorry," I really mean, "Eat shit and die if you don't like it, motherfucker."

      I leave it to the gentle reader to determine which times those are or aren't.

      I am a riddle wrapped in bacon.

      Or something...

  6. Ahh, I didn't properly discern your perspective of "I don't give a fuck, you political cocksucking hypocrites" in this comment string, my apologies. :)

  7. It must be catching..

    There are an abundance of Refugees from Natural Selection in this country from too much nannyism who have gotten past the selectors.. time for a recount.

    I always interpreted the word "Sorry" as a state of condition for sissy's ; )

    Yank lll


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