Wednesday, February 12, 2014

TJ Thugs O'Vomit!

I apologize.

We all know by now about O'Vomit's remark. was an off-the-cuff moment, and the douche-nozzle was trying to look cool and tough for the Frog President...but at the same time it was also a telling Freudian comment.

Everybody with a functioning brain gets it.

When it happened, the circumstances got me to thinking about a few things.

O'Vomit at a place of reverence like Monticello is just plain wrong.  I mean, just think of how many brilliant ideas...ideas O'Vomit despises with every molecule of his being...were developed and took root there.

The fact that Frog President Hollande would visit Monticello is no surprise to me, because my long-addled brain somehow remembered that Jefferson lived several years in France and was reportedly quite popular there.

In fact, Jefferson and Ben Franklin partied like rock stars while in France...swilling booze and banging whores and making it rain all whilst trying to convince the Frogs that they should probably try to not kill each other off in their revolution and to give us money and guns and other high-minded stuff.

Yep...those two could multi-task like motherfuckers!

Then I thought about the comparisons between O'Vomit and Jefferson.

And I laughed heartily to myself.

When one stops to ponder further on the matter, has an original, deep, compelling, world-altering thought ever spewed forth from O'Vomit's filthy man-pleaser?

I think not.

It has been nothing but third-grade, second-hand, socialist psycho-babble treason.

Actually, when I really stop to think about it...why in the fuck would Obama want to go to Monticello (or even be allowed to go there) in the first place?

Seems to me Chicago is the place he ought to be...


  1. Hmmmm, looks racisssst to me........... ;-/

    1. Because of the white guy, or because of the black guy?

  2. I would love to see a fist fight between the two of them in their prime.

    1. Two hits...Jefferson hitting the pussy, the pussy hitting the floor.

  3. Twern't nothing 'freudian' about it, he knows that he can say whatever he wants whenever he wants and the lamestream media - along with the rest of his sycophants - will do whatever is necessary to cover for him.

  4. Glad I went to Monticello before O'Vomit so I wouldn't have to walk where that scum sucker walked. Now it's been tainted. Bastard.

    Miss Violet


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